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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Childish Gambino @ Central Park Summerstage 06/25/12

Childish Gambino - 6/25/12
Central Park Summerstage - New York City
Words/Photos/Video By Jay Porks
Damn, I wish I could keep this streak going of hitting epic shows every freaking night. What goes on people , welcome yourselves to the 73rd episode of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series. After two days in Atlantic City at the Orion Music + More festival, it was time to get back in the New York groove as they say with a visit to Central Park, for Childish Gambino. Since this is Concert Confessions, I have a small confession to come clean with right now: I introduced ALL my peers at CC to this guy over a year ago! Then all of sudden Reverend Justito gets him at Coachella, then the entire NW chapter got him at Sasquatch in WA, even a confession from Mr Sparkly from a show in Moscow, ID on thenaturalstoner's birthday. Then Jakob got him at Bonarroo. I've read way too much about my new favorite rapper on this site not from me, it's about damn time this Central Park show came around. Openers are Schoolboy Q and Danny Brown- "doors" at 6, show at 7 at the Summerstage, as a killer storm was just cleared up upon our arrival. I don't know if my head isn't on straight or what, me and my buddy Chach got to the city at 6:30 and I took us all sorts of out of the way missing a bunch of trains. I'm the one who's been to shows here after all. So we got in at like 7:30 and we heard Danny Brown on stage as we were entering. I thought it was going to be reversed and Schoolboy Q would be on first but it wasn't the case. Danny Brown is a little too weird for my taste anyway. I can take him in small doses, and I'm sure he'll be out here sometime later on tonight.
Schoolboy Q hit the stage at like 7:45 and was spitting lyrics to a hyped, packed out crowd who didn't seem only into the headliner. During his set Danny Brown was walking around like the front of the stage by the crowd, taking pictures with people and stuff- like right when Schoolboy Q is up there trying to do his thing. I'd be pissed if someone was kinda stealing my thunder. His last song was “Hands on the Wheel”. He was off by 8:13PM
At about 8:32PM the stage was filled with smoke as Childish Gambino came out to a roaring ovation. Most of the crowd was chanting “Gam-Bino Gam-Bino”, just like they scream for Jay Z with the “HOVA” chants . Unreal. I never thought I'd see this many people as excited as me. Then like the 2nd song up was “Firefly”, which is a sick song. This guy is such a pro at what he's doing. “Freaks and Geeks” hit us up next, the song containing such epic lines like “I'm in the back of the bush like Gaven Rossdale's drummer”(get it? The female anatomy + 90's Alternative rock band? Awesome). They're was a video screen that I couldn't see do to the fact I went far right to be as close to the stage as I could. He did a song or two off 'Culdesac', his first record (or mixtape). Besides a few people cutting in front of us and pissing me the hell off before they moved I was genuinely have such an awesome time. Even though I'm cramped in with a bunch of people being bumped from all sides-I feel like this is family.
Everywhere we looked there was weed being smoked..and not the typical “let me duck down and use this one hitter” type smoking. Everyone was smoking right in front of the event staff, they were watching and really could care less. There's this couple in front of us (who earlier I was pissed at the dude for being in front of me, but he has since moved over) turns around and I see him talking to Chach and then he hands him half a joint, and it's fat as hell. Chach goes “I don't know, he said he was done smoking or something”. Sweet. Myself, not the type to shy away from the recreational use of the herbal, enhanced the night a little more by joining in with the rest of Central Park's Marijuana Bonfire. People never share at shows, these are some good times right here.
The thing different about Childish Gambino, besides the way his punchlines emphasize the punch, is that he plays with a full band. These guys rock out. At one point during the set he says “Listen guys, this isn't a Rap concert-This is a black rock concert!”. And tearing through “All The Shine” (tearing through it to epic proportions) and the “Rolling in the Deep” remix he does, with the two guitar players, two violinists, drummer and all of the above with one drum in front of them at all times creating all sorts of cool elements. Like, the guitar player bangs the drum for a little, hits the keyboard on another part of the song. All these guys are full with as much energy as Gambino. “L.E.S.”, “Heartbeat” and “Bonfire”(which was, like many tonight, full crowd sing-alongs as we all know the every single lyric) were all played before 9:27 when he said goodnight and headed off stage. I thought it was over before I looked at the time, because it felt like he played it all.
Comes back out like 3 minutes later, and says “I said it was a black rock concert, well now it's time we turn this to a rap concert!”, then kicked a freestyle over the beat for a song called “Rack City” by Tyga. Then he said “Ya wanna hear some new shit?” before jumping into songs recently released like “Eat Your Vegetables” and “Unnecessary Roughness” which Schoolboy Q was called out to perform his verse he has on the track. One problem for Schoolboy Q, his mic seemed to be low or totally out. So Gambino, so aware of the situation, goes from just ad libbing the line to outright rapping Q's entire verse for him. What a save. Now it's Danny Brown time, I knew that weirdo would be out sooner or later. They drop a beat and Danny Brown ripped a freestyle, followed by Gambino ripping one of his own and then Schoolboy Q's mic was fixed in time for him to rock one out too before the night was closed out with “Lights Turned On”. 9:55PM, right on time for the Summerstage curfew.  
Wow. Seriously, wow. Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino comes home to destroy this place. Left it all on stage like he does in every town every time. I can't wait til July 4th for the new mixtape to drop! This was some fun times tonight, so much fun had. If you've been keeping score at home, that's two nights of Metallica followed by a barn burner by Childish Gambino. I'm wiped. Thanks for taking the time. Leave some comments! We have a new comment thing down there as of a few weeks ago. It's cool tits.   LATE

Orion Music + More Day 2 Recap (6/24/12)

Orion Music + More Festival (Day  2) - 06/24/12
Bader Field - Atlantic City, NJ
Words/Photos  by Jay Porks
Orion Music + More Festival Day Two Recap 6/24/12
Orion Festival- Day Two: Running later than yesterday because my alarm didn't wake me and I just happen to have drank enough fluids on day one that I had a built in alarm clock as a back up. But wow, do you know how much worse that could've been? I coulda woke up at 4 and missed Ghost! Or The Black Dahlia Murder! Well luckily, in the 72nd edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series, I was at Bader Field here in the beautiful Atlantic City, New Jersey, at the Fuel Stage right on time to kick today off with A Place To Bury Strangers.
You see an editors note on yesterday's recap about me writing this review at the show. That's true. With memory card space and battery life on my mind, instead of filming all I can I'm taping one song per set, therefore leaving me more time to take little notes and stuff.  Hence why some of the wording seems as if it's happening live. It was at the time.
A Place To Bury Strangers
Who's the one who told me to check this band out like 3 years ago? Anyway, thank you whoever you are, because they ain't too shabby.  You'd think with a name like A Place To Bury Strangers, they come and rip your heart out with the death grips of metal. I mean, they're loud as fuck, and quite heavy-but the elements of distortion (I don't if that's an effects box on the drum set or what), they're more "alternative-ty". They kicked off at 1pm and a few songs in I'm thinking "wow these dudes are wrecking shit up, what time is it now?" It was only  1:18pm.  I caught maybe 6 or 7 of their songs before I headed cross the field to the Orion Stage to get a good spot(behind the empty VIP area) for Ghost.
Yesterday, Lars and Kirk introduced  a few of the bands that they said they were fans of. Well, Ghost got that same treatment today, only from James Hetfield. I was chatting it up with a fellow rail rider and a security guard in front of us. Kid next to me mentioned that they changed from all black to all white for this tour "so they look like Klan members". The security guard happened to be black, so I said to him "so don't run when you see them!" jokingly. It was all fun and games- even when Ghost came on. These guys definitely have a sense of humor. The costumes, the whole thing. When they walk out you can't help but chuckle. I was no longer afraid, but intrigued.  And they don't seem to me to be this "heavy death kill your face" metal as assumed. Ghost rocked. We got that cool ass "Here Comes the Sun" cover, and I think that last song was called "Ritual". I noticed their drummer was kicking up something wicked over there. Awesome band- now go take those outfits off boys it's hot at hell out here
Gary Clark Jr
 Fuck yeah! I had and still have no idea who this guy Gary Clark Jr. is, and you know what, that's a bad job on my part. Shame on me.  Apparently I was the only one  who was new to dude, because the crowd really packed in for this one. If you're a fan of awesome  bluesy crazy guitar work- emphasis on awesome-then you need to see check this guy out. The solos were freaking epic- some take you to space type stuff.  Kirk Hammet introduced him as "one of my new favorite guitar players" and praised his interesting sound. Well, as Kirk watched from the side of the stage the riffs from Gary Clark Jr were hitting me in all the right places song by song. I got the name of one cause the lyrics were easy "If You Love Me Like You Say". Seriously, where'd this guy come from? Does Jack White know about this guy? Because I can guarantee once he hears him they'll form some sort of awesome side project for Mr. White.
Best Coast
Yesterday saw the indie acts the likes Modest Mouse and stuff. Today leans more towards the metal side of things- therefore, more drunk metal fans, hence peaking my interest to see Best Coast  get stuff chucked at them. While I walked over I heard Soul Rebels doing a jazzy version of "Enter Sandman" wish I could have caught that. But instead I was catching these wusses. With their soft, boring music. How old is that chick like 14? They're like emo kids who heard a song with a distortion pedal and started a band with their parents money. I'm chatting it up with this female security guard as they play.  Forget these losers. Such uninteresting songs I could write in my sleep.
The Black Dahlia Murder
Ghost and The Black Dahlia Murder are the two acts of Orion that Reverend Justito has been in my ear about. I'm on the rail at 4:46( their set is at 5:15) and as they're setting up at the Damage Inc. Stage one of the guitar players screams to the crowd "Take off the glasses so I can see your eyes!!". These guys have a sense of humor they were joking around with fans the whole time they set up, and between songs.  Once they started, it was the fastest played instruments I've ever seen in my life. THIS band, is the first band at this festival with the exception of Metallica that I'd hear one second of and immediately say "metal". The lead singer has the full growl going, I don't know how that can be done night in night out without killing your voice box. Few songs in dude tells the crowd he wants to see the biggest circle pit of all time. So this, already rawkus crowd with some epic crowd surfers just got a tad more violent. Awesome. Thought I enjoyed the band, not sure if it's something I can do full albums of.  I got out of there 10 minutes to 6, I have to find a spot with some shade.
Eric Church
 Back to the Orion Stage and another act introduced by James Hetfeild, this one being Eric Church. I'm giving it the blind listen for the first 2 songs, I found an shaded spot where I can sit on the floor behind the handicap seating( I need a breather!). I can say this much- I didn't need Hetfeild to tell me this dude is from Nashville,  because from the first lyric he sang his voice conveyed  the sounds of he south. He said "We're from Tennessee, we just wanna drink and party like you guys". Sweet. His voice would fit in well with country music- but his band sounds like they belong at a place like this. Songs I didn't hate, even if it is country music. Church mentions he drinks "94 proof, single barrel Jack Daniels" while holding up a red cup and says "I wrote a song about it, for those who won't remember all this in the morning.. called Jack Daniels". Did I mention there is no liquor on sale here? Just beer and I saw wine. With this crowd, probably a safe idea.
Titus Andronicus
While everyone heads over to the Fuel Stage for Avenged Sevenfold, a band I tried so hard to get into but couldn't, I figured I'd check out Titus Andronicus at the Frantic Stage. Of course now that the sun is setting I'll make my first trip to the tented stage. I know Titus did one of those covers on that Spin magazine Nirvana Nevermind tribute album that I didn't hate. So there's one I'll know if they play it.
Once they started I'm thinking: "Now this is more up my alley". Three guitar players, front man who's looks like his girl friend dumped him and they're here to tell you about it type of band. Slightly whiney, but I can't blame them they're from  Jersey and they get loud enough to make up for it. They're more punky than anything else. Really enjoyed their set, it was fun- made me bounce. Towards the end the lead singer is like "Metallica is up next.. never thought I'd be saying that".
Now let me preface this following paragraph by saying I think it's really cool what Metallica did here with this whole “inviting bands outside the genre of Metal” to a festival thing, and I loved it. Orion Music + More was something I'm going to remember.   They're set to hit the stage tonight at 8PM tonight as oppose to 9PM, it is a Sunday after all. Once their set started I received three texts from three people who shall remain nameless (thenaturalstoner, Mr. Sparkly, and I made up the third one it was only two) asking me if Fuse is running a repeat of last nights show on the stream. Add an hour more of daylight, and I kind of felt the same way. They went with  "Ecstasy of Gold",  “Hit The Lights” and “Master Of Puppets” to kick it off again. Last night I played the role of “first Metallica show” guy. The guy who'd never seen the band before and I just sat back and really was able to take it all in. . But can you tell me something? What the hell guys?? What the hell? If you exchange "Ride The Lightning"  with "The Black Album" tonight was basically almost a carbon copy set of last night.  Okay, at 8:42 we got "Fuel", I'll give you that-it was freaking awesome. But even the way Hetfeild worded everything exactly the same way as he had did the night before, as if he had all that stuff memorized. He keeps saying stuff like "Orion and Metallica are family" and making us chant it, as if he's taking this Orion Music + More brand and trying to pitch it for next year already.  First of all you're Metallica, if you wanna have a festival I'm sure you can afford to have one every single year. And second off , dude, if you book good bands, we'll come back again-stop forcing it on us.
I was really happy to be able to grab footage of Metallica doing my favorites though, even if they were played last night. This new camera is such a beast. Last night my battery died before I could get pics of any of their pyrotechnics fireworks explosions that started with "Enter Sandman" (on both nights that's where the bombs went off). 'Unforgiven' was epic, thank the sweet lord they didn't play versions II and III.  It wasn't til after 9Pm when we got into the Black Album-backwards. I don't listen to albums in reverse order unless I'm trying to find out if Paul is dead, so what the hell is up with that? They did the same thing last night. And don't call me a noob, because  when I got in the cab after the show and I asked the people I shared it with if they stayed for the entire encore, the answer was a quick "No way they played all the same songs". And don't talk my word and the word of someone I asked for it, as the Concert Confessions peeps who were watching the stream and had their own thoughts: Jakob: -"They could at least switch up the intro! Don't do the Ecstasy of Gold two nights in a row at your festival" -"It's your own festival! Switch it up! Jesus christ" TheNaturalStoner: - "Are you shitting me right now???? apparently Metallica still has some shit to learn about playing multi night stands" -"Seriously... did we get last nights feed? this is weird" -" Jesus christ they got like 15 albums of songs, why they gotta do this?? If Phish did this all hell would break loose" Mr Sparkly : -"Just play a two-hour long Enter it a night." -" Yes, are at Orion and your band is Metallica." -" Alright, playing the Black Album was cool and all, but there was so much more they could have done with the second night." -"A wasted opportunity"
Ooooo look they're encoring with "Seek And Destroy".  Yeah, like a lot of stuff  during this set, I got this last night. During that encore I was heading towards the exit. Tonight Metallica set was kind of a let down all things considered. Last night they seemed like cool guys, like changed men. Tonight all I see on stage is a band looking at a sea of about 22,000 fans while calculating profits in their heads.
At least I saw Metallica two nights in a row-I mean in the general scheme of things having never seen them before this weekend. But I do have one last question. Metallica has a song called "Orion" right? This is Orion Music + More festival right? Why not play that song, do you guys think it sucks? Then why name you're festival after it? But besides a 2nd night headlining let down, the whole weekend was really great and I got to branch out my musical tastes a little bit from stage to stage, set to set. First "festival" I've attended was a success, even catching that 4:30AM bus back to NYC at Ballys.
Notes: The Medical staff gets all the blame when shit goes wrong, well let's slurp them when shit goes well. Their were tents everywhere if you were feeling even the least bit dehydrated or anything. Drunken passed out people on the floors were quickly scoop up brought into the tent and revived in time for Metallica.
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Orion Music + More Day 1 Recap (6/23/12)

Orion Music + More Festival (Day  1)- 06/23/12
Bader Field - Atlantic City, NJ
Words/Photos  by Jay Porks
Orion Music + More Festival Day One Recap 6/23/12 
Editor's Note: Jay Porks is so bad ass, he wrote this review during the festival. We hope you enjoy.  And welcome to the Jay Porks Day One Re-Cap of Orion Music + More Festival here in Atlantic City, NJ. For those who weren't aware, this is the festival curated by Metallica, containing a bunch of acts you raise eyebrows to when you take a look at the list. Not only that, but Metallica is closing both nights, playing Ride The Lightning tonight, and The Black Album tomorrow night. Both days look awesome, but my plate for today is full of acts that I've been dying to see for a while, like Arctic Monkeys and Modest Mouse. Also got some Cage The Elephant action in there, along with the obscure (in an awesome way) Fucked Up. Oh and two legendary performances, one being the aforementioned Metallica and the other being Roky Erickson. Roky is my highlight going into today until Metallica destroys me later on tonight. Any friend of the Meat Puppets is a friend of mine. Saturday is set to kick off for me with Baroness at 1PM. The 71st episode of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series won't feature more than one or two videos from each act, as battery is a factor along with memory (I'm packing 32gigs), and we want to get all the Metallica we can get, because after all, they're freaking Metallica. Anyway without further ado, let's call this cab and get my ass down to Bader Field and get this party started! I got out of a cab at like 12:20 and walked a few blocks to the entrance side by side with a sea of folks all done up in their Metallica gear ( with a few scattered Iron Maiden and Avenged Sevenfold tees- as I sported my Meat Puppets). It's hot, like really hot. This is my first "festival", I don't normally know the goings on of a four-stage event. This place is HUGE! Like, I can see for miles- and there's all types of side things going on. Rows and rows of concessions ( water was $3- that's a deal these days) . There's a Metallica museum, which I'll check out tomorrow because the Orion stage looks so far away from here for Baroness I don't want to mess around. There's 100's of old school custom cars in a car show tent type thing. Lots of people, lots of hot metal chicks wearing the appropriate attire for a 90+ degree day in the sun (life is so good). I was worried I couldn't get my camera in, then I saw the sign that said " no professional recording devices". Well, if there's one thing I'm not, it's professional. The band the Orion stage had blasting was what every heavy metal fan would dream of- The Cure.
I didn't know Tyson Chandler joined a band! That lead singer does look like him tho- but all kidding aside if you're kicking off a festival headlined by Metallica, I don't see a more perfect band to do so then that in Baroness. My questions of "will you be able to hear other bands on other stages at the same time" was answered when these kicked off their set. I got almost all of that first song, only failed because they fooled me towards the end. The Orion stage has video screens on each side- giving it this "Hey, we're a real festival” kind of feel. Me, the guy who's not heavy on metal, found myself with a slight head nod and maybe a little strumming of my thigh as they past 1:30pm with "Take my Bones Away". Wow, they played the ONE song I actually knew the name of ! Good times, energetic set. They ended at 1:56pm
Roky Erickson
I showed up to the "Frantic" stage early, mostly due to the fact that it's the only stage that's tented. Some relief from the sun for a few minutes as they set Roky up. And that's when I decided to take advantage of the free water re-fills they have on site here at the festival (warm water, but free water). With full band (keyboardist, back up singer , drummer , 2 other guitar players and a bassist) on hand, Roky and the crew came out at 245. How old is his guy? Hot chick on keys. The lead guitarist is like "damn, it's hotter here than it is in Texas". I'm like in opposite Baroness mode as I ride the rail, but still so loud. The band backing him was tight as hell, they helped carry him and everyone else into space for a little while. Played some of my favorites like 'Two Headed Dog', 'Night of the Vampire' and “You're Gonna Miss Me”. It looks like Roky honestly doesn't know what planet he's on. I wish I could be so lucky. They were done rocking at 3:20-3:30pm.
Fucked Up
So when I arrived at the "Fuel" stage for Fucked Up, I noticed some dude in an "OFF!" tee shirt. Must've seen a show on that Dinosaur Jr/Fucked Up/OFF tour I caught last year. First song into their set this dude is leaning on the rail screaming lyrics at the crowd- ripped his shirt off and the epic back sweater was in full force. Only took til the second song to get him completely in the crowd. Such a fun time, this band is too obscure and unique for me to call them punk, but they are some sub genre from that. A few songs they played were “David”, “I Hate Summer”, “The Other Shoe” (which I thought was called Dying On The Inside, because that's the audience sing-along part) and “Turn The Season. Damien(the lead singer with the back sweater), says he would've stayed the whole weekend, but him and his wife are expecting their 2nd child tomorrow. I ducked out about 4:40, I was hoping to be able to walk to some other stages to see what's happening, I know these dudes (and bass playing chick) are awesome, let me see if I can discover something.  
Jim Breuer
Caught the end of Jim Breuer's "Heavy Metal Comedy Tour" set back at the "Frantic" stage. He was explaining how he started doing voices by prank calling his fellow Sears co-workers with Kaddafi bomb threats. Heard some dude say “I'm not into that whole 'pot head comedy' thing he does”. I don't really get that statement, I don't think Half Baked 2 is due out anytime soon. It was a fun few minutes over there
Gaslight Anthem
With time to kill til Cage the Elephant, and the"Fuel" stage is already getting packed by the front. So I decided to go listen in on a few Gaslight Anthem songs, Since it looks like the entire state of New Jersey has made their way over to see the hometown boys. I don't mean to steal anyone's line but fuck these guys. No seriously, fuck these guys. I came in right at that "American Slang" song, and heard a few after that. Why are people into this band? Even the jokes they make between songs are lame: "Here's a slow song, so it's your chance to talk to that girl with the tattoos next to you, because you know they don't hang out where we hang out". Where "We" hang out?? You guys are in a rock band that a bunch of sheep worship- you guys hang out where people like Jay-Z hang out. You are not us- we paid to get in. Oh yea, did I mention your band fucking sucks?
Cage The Elephant
Like the lead singer said after the 1st song "we're weird people". Weird in a good way, I like the kinda half rap thing they do on some songs, and the music is funky as fuck! No wonder Kirk Hammet introduced them. I was at this same stage for Fucked Up and was like 3 rows deep- now for Cage( who played House of Blues last night) I'm at least a football field away. Not only that, but just as I'm getting into this I see people already heading towards the Orion stage for Modest Mouse. Do I leave this set and scout a spot that's maybe only 90 yards away for MM, or do I stay? I'll hang out till they play that song of their's that I used to hear on the radio all the time.  
Modest Mouse
 There are SO many people here! I guess lots of folks skipped the early day activities and are arriving late , but I'm deep behind easily 1000 people standing. But I'm so far back, I can see over the heads. Awesome. Guys came out blazing, opened with "The Whale Song".  Modest Mouse has like a million albums, so even being handed a set of not-so-familiars  didn't piss me off like it would with some other bands. "Float On" was a pleasant surprise at about 7:35ish. "Shit Luck" was mixed in there too.  People are already at this stag setting themselves up for good Metallica spots while I'm still peaking across the way to see how bad (in terms of me not being up front) things were getting for Arctic Monkeys.
 Arctic Monkeys 
And the trek back to the Fuel stage for Arctic Monkeys. Jeez am I getting a work out today or what? They were introduced by Lars (who introduced Baroness earlier), and they proceeded to prove their coolness. Lots of dancing going on during this set.  And not just during that song with dance floor in the name. They played "Fluorescent Adolescent" ( my personal fav) 2nd to last, after he introduced a song called "Brick by Brick", in which the drummer handled some of the vocal duties.  Ended it with "Are you Mine" 9:06
At this point and time it's past 9 o clock, and you look down at the Orion stage and see blue lights on stage, now everybody is facing that way, and you couldn't get close if you tried. Didn't need to, when Metallica came out and played "Ride The Lightning" in it's entirety it did a couple of things for me.  One, Metallica will kick your balls in live. That is a serious professional band.  Seeing the guys have sort of a sense of humor up there and with putting on this festival and all almost makes up for that whole Napster thing. They said they "flipped it up" on us a bit-they played some stuff not on the record first like "Master Of Puppets," "Sad But True," "The Four Horsemen," after kicking it off with "Hit The Lights." I didn't have the battery life on my phone to Google the album's track list so I marked down the highlights with times next to them in my notes here.
At 10:05Pm, they played "Escape." Am I a lucky bastard or what? My first ever time seeing this band, and I get the song they haven't played-EVER.  Of course my camera's battery is dead for this, (as it's been since Master Of Puppets) they didn't like mess it up or anything. Sounded good.
10:25PM "For Whom the Bell Tolls" was insane. People raising fists (it is Jersey after all)-this one guy came in from of my camera and screamed the lyrics into my phone while I was trying to snap that last picture before the battery died. Thanks asshole.
Encores: To me, an encore means "songs played when you were about to walk towards the exit". This happened at least 5 times on Saturday, where the boys said goodnight and you really thought they were going off and they came back on. First of all, they saved their cool pyrotechnics til the end. Pictures of those fireworks and the flames rising would've been pretty wicked. So encore goes as follows "Nothing Else Matters", "Enter Sandman"(this is where shit started blowing up. Note to self to save some battery life today). Then they ducked off stage for a minute and I started walking towards the exit. Then they came back out to play "Battery" and "One" then ducked off again. I started walking again, because surely it's over. Nope. Came back out to play one more, "Seek And Destroy." They went way past 11.
To read all about Orion Music + More Day Two - Click Here

Friday, June 15, 2012

Scott Lucas And The Married Men @ Mercury Lounge 06/14/12

Scott Lucas And The Married Men- 05/16/2012
Mercury Lounge -New York City
Words/Photos By Jay Porks
          Back in April when I was at the Mercury Lounge checking out Local H I said to myself “How the hell are they gonna fit 37 other people on stage when Scott comes back with the Married Men?”. Anyway what the hell goes on people? Long time no speak it seems as we roll into the 70th Edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series, bringing us back to the aforementioned Mercury Lounge (217 E Houston Street NYC) to see the almighty Scott Lucas and The Married Men hit the stage. I joke around of course about the 37 people on stage, as the band's 6 other members-Jason Batchko(Organ & Piano),Aaron Duggins (Accordion), Rebecca Brooke M. (Violin) ,Pete Muschong (Guitars & Vocals),Randy Payne (Drums) & Tom Szidon (Bass & Vocals) really keep things interesting with Scott on guitar(as oppose to the bass pick-ups set up) and lead vocals. If you came to see a band resembling Local H tonight, then you were mislead. Although equal in awesomeness, this is not that. This is, as printed somewhere I can't recall at the time “Country-ish, Alternative Rock for people who like Metal ”. Interrupt that as you will. Anyway, doors open at 9:30PM. Yea, 9:30PM, this is the “Late Show” at Mercury Lounge tonight, as they have an earlier show with some other bands happening that's set to end at 9-9:15PM I'd assume. Ticket says Doors 9:30, Show 9:30. So my guess is it won't be long after I walk through those doors before opening act Shelter Belt is on stage. This is gonna be awesome!  So at about 8:20, I had made it to the venue, and what's usually a line of at least a few outside waiting to get in,  was almost vacant sidewalk. Two dudes talking, one of them is in the Married Men, and another dude who was in some band( probably one of the openers from the early show). Tried to eavesdrop as much as I could without being a creep- no juicy information to report. Saw Scott Lucas walking around outside. The difference between this and Local H:  his cool ass hat. The openers were setting up by the time we (I) was let in at 9:32..
         My only problem with Mercury Lounge is their lack of good lighting. I mean, I have a flashlight on my lighter but am I really looking for Scott to punch me tonight?

        At 10 on the dot here comes Shelter Belt on stage. Now there's exactly 7 of us in the crowd. Hey at least I'm not alone. This band seemed to be riffin' something fierce during sound check...  well, that was all the fierce they'd get. They were like southern (even though I thought they mentioned being from Boston),their bass player looked a tad like Cris Kirkwood, and we hee-hawed our way through their 44 minute set. They had 2 false starts on their 2nd to last song. They also performed a cover that I taped. At least I got to sit down for it.
          Suddenly a bunch of dudes in suits start setting stuff up on stage. Those would be the Married Men, and it was at about 11 o'clock when everyone was on stage ready to go, and kick off the set with "Cotton Fields". I'm in my same spot I usually snag at Mercury Lounge, up front to the right. It being my usual spot is the 1st reason I grabbed it, 2nd reason is that the chick who plays violin stands on this side-and she's the only guaranteed female in attendance tonight.

        Wish this review was filled with phrases like "the crowd went nuts" or "to a resounding applause"- but I kept turning around and I counted no more than 35 people by nights end. So many people missing this great band. "Lovers Lullaby" was 2nd, and it's here the perfect example of what this band can do with it's loud/quiet dynamic-from extreme folky to extreme feedback . I never thought a band with a violinist and accordion player could get THAT loud and rock THIS hard. And with no one in front of me I'm free to sway left and right as I please. Lovers Lullaby went into "Extra Special Bitter", and then "Blood Half Moons"-the title track from their latest record, you may have read about it on Antiquiet.
         You can file this in the "here's something you don't see everyday" section: Before they played "Heavy Little Love", Scott asks "Does anyone have a phone?". Then , realizing how dumb the question was sarcastically continues "yeah, does anyone in New York City have a phone? Well we're gonna make a video for this next song so shoot it and send it to us". Really? That's pretty sweet. Hope when I tweet the video at Scott repeatedly he  eventually replies. 
         This band's not together that long, so I'm always on YouTube looking for live footage of them. And I always wondered why Hey Rita and l Got A Feeling always show up in the same clips. Like it's always Hey Rita/I Got A Feeling. That bothered me, and I was careful tonight when they jumped into "Hey Rita"- kept telling myself "pay attention to when the song ends you idiot". Well, guess who's currently uploading a video titled "Hey Rita/I Got A Feeling"? This guy.
    To close out the evening was a cover(the cover they seem to be doing on this tour) of Johnny Cash's "Ain't No Grave(Can Hold My Body Down) ". I got a taste of this when I was here in April to see Local H and Scott opened with some Married Men tunes, but the full band version was un-freaking-believable. The band just explodes into the chorus part-got the accordion guy all over the place on stage, chick with the violin is spazzing out as she ferociously hits every lick on that thing-it was f#%king epic man. It was so intense, it was so awesome, it was so....over. Damn.
         After the set, I waited for the band to come off stage as I told them how awesome they were.  When Scott passed by I casually said "Amazing, as usual" and he was like "Thanks man" and shook my hand. This Scott Lucas who plays with the Married Men seems to be a much more laid back Scott Lucas. No fans called out during the show or anything. I grabbed the set list while saying to the drummer "As I fan-boy, can I grab this??"
        Then I'm walking out and the accordion player is at the doorway and he's like "Got a light?". So while outside for this 2 minutes or so I noticed Scott is at the merch table selling stuff-and since I don't feel like doing laundry for another day I gotta grab myself a tee shirt! Scott was nice as always at the table, I got my Blood Half Moons tee shirt for 17 bucks. I don't remember buying a concert tee at a better price before.  So I asked him to sign my ticket stub (you know, cause I only have 2 already) and I said that they better come back as I made my way out the door into the New York City streets a few minutes after Midnight to try and hail down a cab.
        Fun times. Have no complaints besides Mercury Lounge barely having any freaking lights. It's dark as hell in there! But besides that, awesome night, awesome tunes. Hope I kept you entertained for the time being, and next time you'll be reading me is when I'm at Orion Music + More Festival in Atlantic City, NJ. Til next time