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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Stone Temple Pilots Reveiw(05/31/2008) @PNC Bank arts center

      Okay, don't believe all the other blogs that you read saying that the Stone Temple Pilots show was bad. Those are just people who probably needed to be home by 11 pm like, THAT'S WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU GO TO A ROCK SHOW!! UNEXPECTED SHIT HAPPENS!! Okay so before I give the set list and what I personally thought of the show, I need to pay respect to Filter who was on the under card. Filter puts on a fucking great live show and going into this I knew 3 filter songs and I was loving there set. Of course they closed with "Hey man nice shot", which by the way when he asks the crowd to sing one line of the song, CAN YOU PEOPLE KNOW THE LINE!! I think I was the only person in that fucking place who knew to say "that's why I say hey man nice shot" on queue. But anyway like I said they were on the under card. The opening band was "Ashes Divide" which is one of the guys from that band "A Perfect Circle" and they weren't bad. Going in I had not known any of there music, but they did what an opening act for a huge band would do, they played to mostly empty seats, paying there dues and making the best of it. Between each of the bands, a K-Rock DJ came out and read off his list of advertisers, then repped the lawn seats as being "the real fans out there". so after Filter, Opie and Anthony(morning show, 92.3fm) came out and joked for like 5 minutes and then said coming up soon Stone Temple Pilots. That was about 9 o clock. Now, as its getting darker there is just more pot getting lit and smoked. The way I looked at it was, when I smell pot, I light up. And me and chach met this mad cool like 50 year old couple who where sitting right next to us and they had pot too and they gave me money for the first couple joints so we were just chilling(and not to mention that I later found out that they were at the Velvet Revolver, Alice in Chains show last year same one I was at). Mad bars being taken, sending Chach to get me beer (you know, the no i.d. situation) shit was cool. I was fucking wrecked for a while there.

      But like I said, Filter went off at 9. so we're getting high and wondering when the fuck is STP going to come on because the show is suppose to be 7-11 (some people are saying the venue closes at 11, THE VENUE CLOSES WHEN THE EVENT ENDS!!) so 930 hits and we're all waiting in anticipation for the first STP show in the NY/NJ area in 6 years. still smoking, because when It gets dark I guess the security guards go away or something because after Filter finished there set, everybody in that fucking place was blazing. Its nice to be high and shit but when 10 o clock hit we're all looking at one another like where fuck is STP? I texted a few people saying "if Scott Weiland just overdosed on Heroin, I'm breaking the story first" and at like 10:15, the boo birds came out. I turn to Chach and I'm trying to look on the bright side and shit I'm like "its showmanship". Cause you know, some bands do actually do it. they come on as late as possible and keep people in suspense waiting and wanting. But like I said, 10:15 is bad, and people will get restless, especially since they cut the beer at 10, so most of these people stocked up at 950 like to make sure. So I'm starting to get a little worried here, so I light another joint and start like making comments and having other drunk people like start screaming them. I was sitting there and people screamed "and coming up next FLITER!!". I start laughing and shout out "Scott Weiland O-DEED!!" and that got a lot of laughtr from the little drunk peanut gallery to my left, they we're screaming it too. Then I hit them with "he's the new Axel Rose!!" and that got a good laugh form a lot of the older people around me and that same drunk peanut gallery. When I shouted sarcastically "play some Nine Inch Nails" they ran with that. 10:25 hits and I turn to Chach and I'm like if this guys dead, they'd have someone out here stalling us or something.

     Like I said there was a lot of people booing from like 10:15 until they came on. But once they came on, THEY CAME ON!! They kicked things off with "Big Empty" and then they did "Wicked Garden" and I was really into, it was amazing live. It's a great song in general, but live was really nuts. And there Guitarist Dean Deleo was really putting on a show with his Gibson Les Paul, maybe because he's from Jersey, but he's moved up on my list of the greatest. Anyway I previously said that I'd know every word to every song, but I was mistaken because after Wicked Garden they played "Big bang Baby", and at that point I turned to Chach and was like "holy shit dude, I don't know which song this is" and that's part because they're song titles are so weird and never have anything to do with the song. But then it got back to stuff I know, playing "Vasoline" and then a song I didn't think they'd do live but when it came on was absolutely amazing was "Lady Picture Show". Holy shit that song live was fucking the living end. It was like when Grant took Richmond. At this point my life has already changed They then played "Lounge Fly" which is another one I didn't know the name to(they played four sngs that I couldn't name. I know them, I just get the names mixed up). Then shit got hectic with four straight fan(and radio) favorites with "Crackerman"(another fucking amazing song live, another guitar exhibition) "Sour Girl"(one of my personal favorites that hits close to home) "Creep" and the infamous "Plush". Plush was the crowds favorite up til that point, everybody singing along loving the atmosphere, I would hate to be somebody who absolutely loves this song and have missed out on going to see it. Then we have "Interstate Love Song" another fan favorite before we get into "Coma", which not to complain, but if your going to play one song off the "Shangri-La-Dee Da" record, it needs to be Hollywood Bitch, not Coma but like every time I keep thinking about it, Dean Deleo had every song sounding insane and at time he would just jam for like 5 minutes at the end of a song and not in a showing off sort of way either, he wasn't getting flashy or doing hammer pulls or anything out of the ordinary, just keeping it "in song". It was in a "yea, I've been playing guitar for 20 years I learned a thing or two" sort of way. Okay after Coma it was "Down" another song I know all the word too then "Sin" which is another song I couldn't think of the name of at the time. Good song, great live. And then of course they need to wrap it up with some more classics. So we had "Sex Type Thing", probably my favorite STP song (have I said that about every song?) and I just listened to it from the record like 5 minutes ago and oh man it's a different experience. Then "Trippin' on a hole in a paper heart" which rocked and since they came on late, they couldn't do the encore like the real way. Usually a band goes off, takes a shower changes cloths and stuff and when the fans don't leave come out for on more. Its like a rock concert thing. Anyway, they jog off stage and come right back on and play the hard, murky "Dead and Bloated" which is the only song you could play as an encore if you;ve already played Sex Type Thing.

       That 17 songs after coming on over an hour late. This was all it really lived up to be, greatest show I've ever been to. Chach said it was a great show, and we're talking about Chach here, who just called me from Summer Jam. The stage effects, everything was just off the fucking charts. What a fucking night…..