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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ozzy Osbourne w/ Halford 12/1/10 Madison Square Garden

Breaking News folks: Heavy Metal LIVES! Hello again people, what goes on? Well tons of stuff with myself, as Tonight the 41st edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series takes us to the world's most famous arena: Madison Square Garden, to catch the legendary Ozzy Osbourne. A long overdue first time ever for me getting to see Ozzy, safe to say I'm a little stoked. Supporting Ozzy on this first leg of the tour is Halford, band fronted by Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford ( Any chance they play "Breaking the Law"? It's the only Priest song I think I know). And an added bonus- I acquired these tickets through a website "Ticket Liquidator" for $39 a pop and avoided Livenation/Ticketmaster's big business services charges. Sweet. Meeting Pam there, an accompany to several Jay Porks Experiences(six this year) and the show starts at 8PM. All signs point to a fun night, now let's get this party started.

Heading up the escalators at 8:15 I could hear that
Halford has already kicked off their set. Rob Halford kept thanking the crowd for keeping metal alive- glad I could do my part. Had trouble finding our seats so we sat in the second row(row B) in section 348 (tickets had us in row E). We sat and watched Halford storm through energetic set of some extremely heavy tunes. They were pretty cool having not listened to them until tonight. I wish they would've played 'Breaking the Law'- but unless they played it first it wasn't on tonight's agenda. But they did play 'Jawbreaker', which I didn't know that I knew until I heard it. So that was pretty sweet. They played one more and thanked us for again, “Keeping true metal alive” before ducking off at 8:53pm.

Before Ozzy came on they played a little intro video on a large screen set up on stage( a screen that for once they'll use to show live shots of the band for those of us a mile away. What a thought!). The video consists or various clips from popular movies and tv shows only with Ozzy staring in all of them. Started with Avatar where he's laying on a table in a lab being turned blue. Then they went Jersey Shore and showed Ozzy dressed like one of those douches from the show as he was cursing out that fat orange Snoopi girl. Cut to a forest circa 'Twilight', and insert Ozzy into Robert Patterson's Character. The chick is like "Your a... But your a... A vampire." he turns and says "Vampires are for pussy's- I'm the prince of fucking darkness" before opening his coat revealing gigantic boobs. I gotta find it on YouTube somewhere- a very entertaining couple of minutes.. But now folks, LET THE MADNESS BEGIN!

Now on to the set- which kicked off with "Bark at the Moon" after Ozzy gave us a little pre-show pep talk. Fireworks shot off loud scaring the hell out of me as the band jumped into it. From the first second you knew it was going to be one of those amazing nights. Whole arena was screaming bark at the moon midway through and on screen as the song plays their showing alot of Gus G- who has been getting ridiculed by everyone I told I was going to see Ozzy too for not being Zakk Wylde-well from where I was sitting he was literally tearing the guitar to shreds. Song ends and Ozzy starts talking-his beaten up English makes it hard for me to understand full sentences, but I did hear that every other word was 'fuck' besides constantly reminding us throughout the night as he did before the show that "The crazier you people get the longer we'll play", Sounds like a deal to me. “Let me hear you Scream” came next before one of my favorite Ozzy songs was played: “Mr. Crowley”.. as the harrowing tune begins fireworks begin to drizzle onto the stage before revealing the word 'Ozzy' in satanic text on the screen. Now I've hit the point where I'm sitting there looking around telling Pam constantly “Damn-this is fucking awesome!”. Trying to sustain a decent head nod going while taking video is a task in itself-but it worked out well. The Garden's awesome sound + Ozzy having a video screen led to a few awesome videos if I do say so myself. I sat back and took it all in as we jumped into “I don't know”,-(Insert the title of the ONE song of the night I couldn't name here)-, “Suicide Solution and “Road to nowhere” before I pulled out the camera another time for “War Pigs”(which can now sit alongside the video of 'Cake' doing War Pigs back at Central Park). Then N.I.B. started and at the height of my buzz from the only 2 beers I could afford($9 a pop!) I was air drumming in my seat as I, as they say 'let the tunes take me away'. Epicness! “Killer of Giants” and “Shot in the Dark” came next before Ozzy walked off stage leaving Gus G. alone on stage soloing something wicked.. this went on for several minutes-there was then a bass solo for a minute before a drum solo during which the drum kit was like rising up slowly with smoke blowing outta the bottom of it. Like a rocket ship taking off, that looked freaking incredible. So it's about 10:30 while all this heavy amazing soloing is going on up on stage- so I'm at this point assuming this will serve as the encore and we'll probably be out of hear before 11PM.

Ozzy returns to stage screaming the same line he's been screaming all night: “ Come on fuckers! The crazier you fucking go the longer I fucking play!”.. Then you hear the drum beat that leads into “Iron Man”. Roars from the crowd, as the dope smoke in the air at this point is giving it the feel of PacBell during the World Series-hell I'm on board. “I ain't going no fucking where man it's too much fun for me” Ozzy says as the set continues on strong with “Fire in the Sky”, “Flying High Again” and “Into the Void” was followed by “I don't wanna change the world”. After each of these songs Ozzy just leans back on the drum kit arms crossed listening to the packed arena go crazy.

Keyword crazy, as we're well passed the 11PM hour getting into an epic version of “Crazy Train”. To say Gus G impressed would be an understatement. Then again it's not like the Prince of Darkness would have some slouch guitar player or anything, so I guess it should've been more expected. Then came the nights only down point. Sorry people, I'm not into “Moma I'm coming home”-and when it's past 11:30PM and you're afraid you're not gonna have time to squeeze in “Paranoid”-you don't want to look around at people embracing each other swaying back and forth with lighters raised 'Kansas' style. I turned to Pam and said “You know, I friggin' hate this song”.. but my dreams were not shattered, as they ended up playing “Paranoid” next, before thanking the crowd as several loud BOOMS ensued wiith fireworks shooting into the air behind them. Ozzy says “Thank you good night! you guys are fucking cool...Oh yea and a merry christmas too, don't get too fucked up!”. Lights came up about 11:45PM.

If I clocked that correctly, that was a two and a half hour set by a 61 year old dude who's consumed more drugs in his lifetime than the company of Pfizer has produced since inception. It's really hard to state it in a well educated sounding sentence: All I have is that “That shit was fucking crazy”. That's what I wanted to write as this review. Those five words-that shit was fucking crazy and just post some pics. But Ozzy had to go and be all awesome, and lead me to have to write up a wordy review in order recount all his phases of epicness throughout the evening. Whether hilarious opening intro videos or dumping buckets of water on the standing pit section in front of the stage, the Price of Darkness ceases to amaze us all-even people “haters” like myself.

And with that we're done here. Thanks for reading if you made it this far-and note to everyone. Earlier this year I set a personal goal of getting to at least 20 shows this year, basing it on me attending 9 shows in 2008 and 12 in 2009. Tonight festivities made 20 for this year-so a pat on the back for me. If anyone has any ideas for shows for me to head out to I have nothing purchased, so please send suggestions my way. Thanks for stopping by again, LATE.

Set List:
Bark at the moon
Let me here you scream
Mr. Crowly
I don't know
-(One song I couldn't name)
Suicide solution
Road to nowhere
War pigs
Killing the Giants
Shot in the Dark
Gus G soloing, drum solo around 1030

Iron Man

Fire in the sky
Flying high again
Into the void
I don't wanna change the world
Crazy Train
Moms I'm coming home

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Matisyahu w/Dub Trio 11/29/10 Brooklyn Bowl

This is without a doubt the closest I'll ever come to attending shol. Welcome back friends as The 40th installment of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert series takes us back to the venue we began 2010 with- the 'Brooklyn Bowl'- a bowling alley/restaurant/ 600 person capacity concert venue. It's a pretty cool place to see a show-even after dodging all the hipsters flooding the streets of Williamsburg to get there. Tonight we're in for a treat as 'Matisyahu' headlines the first of five consecutive shows in Brooklyn billed “The Festival of Lights”. He does these shows every year in celebration of the Jewish holiday Chanukah.  

For those unfamiliar with his work, Matisyahu is a Hasidic Jewish reggae singer/rapper/beat box extraordinaire. And there is nothing half assed about his religious practices as he sports Tzitzis hanging from his pockets, the two curls of hair on each side of his head swinging with a full beard-and sings reggae as authentic as you'd hear blasting through stereos in Jamaica, while weaving in lines of Hebrew prayer and Yiddish phrases that probably go unnoticed to the naked ear. It's a scene man.

I rolled in about 10 minutes to 8PM; the opening act Dub Trio is suppose to come on at 9pm. With prime real estate in sight right in front of the stage unoccupied- I leaned myself up against it, just left of center and prepped myself for the nights proceedings.

And finally a concert where I'm not the resident Jew in attendance as I'm spotting yamacas everywhere. And the disco ball hanging from the ceiling is in the shape of a dradel. Chanukah is technically 2 days away-but right now I'm already in the holiday's full swing. Times like these make me wish I never dropped out of Hebrew School..

Dub Trio came on stage a couple minutes after 9PM. The guitar and bass player's both had these sort of synthesizer type things set up in front of them, the bass player actually had an Apple laptop sitting there and what appeared to be a pedal/effects board of some sort elevated to hands reach. This is the only time I'll ever probably say that the opening act was substantially louder than the headline; as these guys were as hard rock/experimental metal as much as they were 'dub'. The drummer was epic though, as he seemed to be the only one keeping with the dub flavor-he was a beast. And Dub Trio wasn't a tough act to watch either. Shifting from dub/ska sounds to the heaviest of riffing in a noise filled 40 minute set. I don't even know how many songs they played-it could have all been one song for all I know. They don't have a vocalist so it was strictly business up there. When they went off, there was a dude right by me down in front and he was shouting out to the guitar player something about the slide bar he was using-and the guitar player was a total prick to the dude; wouldn't even shake the dudes hand. I hate to tell you dude, but you're in Dub Trio not Led Zeppelin-you don't have the right to big time one of your six fans in the room. It's not even like they were busy packing up they're gear because Dub Trio is the backing band for Matisyahu. Wouldn't hurt to look over and say “Thanks man” and stick a hand out.

We had a 20 minute break or so before Matisyahu came on. I turned to check the room to see if a quick cigarette run was doable-room was completely packed and it was a situation where I was not going to loose my spot(not only for sight lines but resting my coat and back pack on stage), so I turned back towards stage and a few minutes later the his Holiness had hit the stage. It's party time.

“Darkness into light” was first song they got into. The backing band is the aforementioned Dub Trio-claiming their same places from before. They're not as heavy now as they flow through a few songs but they got progressively heavier as the night went on-some of these Matisyahu reggae jams turned into hard rock songs when performed live. Matisyahu had on a white Yankees hat, a scarf that said “Liverpool” and Adidas high tops with the three lines on each sneakers side colored Red, Yellow and Green-keeping with our Rastafarian theme of the evening. I looked over at the set list on stage and counted twelve songs. I turned to a dude next to me and was like “12 songs setlist?” and he replied with “Watch dude they jam out-it's going to be a late night”. Looking at this list, they had to have played more because I heard(and think I got video of) them doing a song called “Jerusalem” which is not listed. I'm getting lost in these songs-it starts to get trippy when Dub Trio just lays feed back down as Matisyahu chants as if he's facing the whaling wall. At other times during jam outs he was jumping around on stage, possibly doing the C-Walk as he began to headbang during long instrumental jams. Halfway through his hat had flew off and he continued to bang his head metal style with those two curls swinging back and forth as he danced around violently(almost kicking me in the face at least twice) . Looking up at him you could tell he's one of those guys that takes his sets very seriously as he rarely spoke between songs opting to either stare into the crowd with a slight head nod going or some chant that would start soft and intensify into the beginning of the next song. I could swear there were times in the set where he was “Freestyle rapping”, and I got to record a few of his beat boxing sessions. That stuff was epic, as he did it acapella in edition to jumping into jams on the tail end of songs keeping rhythm with the bass and drums keeping it so funky. Such a fun night as I reach for my phone to check the time it was 11:45PM and we're not exactly saying goodnight yet as we were still getting into songs like “Youth” and “I will be Light” before playing “One Day”-a song most of the crowd was shouting for all night. That's when Matisyahu goes over to the guitar player and starts waving his hand around his head signaling for “King Without A Crown”, which they jammed out to for about six and half minutes before saying goodnight to loud roars from the crowd and people like me hounding the roadies for one of the copies of the set list that were taped to the stage(one of which I was able to obtain).

Sweet night I must say. Totally didn't expect Matisyahu to rock out a two hour set list on a Monday night. Hell, there was a lot of stuff tonight I wasn't expecting to witness. It was really fun and we can definitely conclude that this night was a 15 dollars well spent. I would suggest to anyone in the Brooklyn area this week to try and find your way into one of these “festival of light” gigs, as it promises to be an eventful evening to say the least.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Fiction Place w/ The Globes Mercury Lounge 11/15/10

Tonight seemed like a 'coming out party' of sorts as Fiction Plane proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it's not just the band that feature Sting's son. So people, what goes on? Welcome to the 39th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series which brings us to the Mercury Lounge in New York City to see the band 'Fiction Plane' (Joe Sumner-Bass/Vocals, Seton Daunt-Guitar, Pete Wilhoit-Drums). And there's an interesting sidebar story with tonight's proceedings as it's an “early show”. By early I mean EARLY. Doors are set to open at 6:30 according to 'Bowery Presents' website, which also lists Fiction Plane's set time at 7:30PM. Put it in perspective: Bowery Presents website has info on the later show here tonight and says doors for that open at 8:45.. being a Monday night it doesn't bother me that's it's early.. I'm just psyched to see this band..So I say we take a seat and enjoy this Jay Porks Experience.

Fiction Plane was a band that first came to my attention in 2008 when their single “Two Sisters” started to get major play on local rock stations over here the in big apple. Then I got to see them briefly all the way back at the third ever version of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series-that was a show in NJ where they opened up on that year's 'Unity Tour' w/ 311 and Snoop Dogg. I didn't catch their whole set that day due to long lines while filing into the PNC Bank Arts Center so when I saw them headlining a gig for $12 a ticket I was more than thrilled. Especially at the Mercury Lounge-one of my favorite venues to see a show.

Arrived at 6:15.. I'm used to saying that I hopped out of the cab at this time, but uncharacteristic of my usual laziness-I took public transportation the whole way there.. And patting myself on the back for finding the place without looking up directions either-went on my own memory; which is suspect at times but paid off here. So I walk in and say “Hi, my ticket is a will call”- I was met with a hand to the chest and told " Okay great-We're not open yet. Doors are at 6:30 and first band is going on at 7".. I walk back out and there's a whole 11 people outside( I counted-but then again half of these people may be with one of the bands). Let me tell you why this is the type of place I love to see a show- it's the definition of a 'sweat box'. It's tiny, a foul stench will fill the room once full and it looks like it hadn't passed a building inspection in 20 years. I didn't even remember how small the room was until I got in-it's reminiscent of the living room at my house. There's one guy serving as event staff and he's at the door check I.D.'s. As 7PM draws closer I see we're up to at least 30- something people now. I'm sitting along the bench on the wall placing my cup on the stage to reserve the space for now-as I'm gonna enjoy a seat as long as I can before the show starts... I think I'm going to have to back up when the bands come on to try and get my camera in better position. As I'm sitting there starting this review on my iPod I notice an older couple sat down next to me. Not older like 30 or 40, older like senior discount. Minutes pass and at least two or three other couples in the same age range walked in-I saw one woman looking for a seat so I offered her mine. Can't pass up a easy mitzvah when it presents itself.

The Globes hailing from Spokane, Washington, hit the stage a minute or two after 7.. working with Two guitarists(who share vocal duties), drummer with a bass player doubling on keyboard. Whenever I see any type of keyboard on stage I get discouraged a bit-but I got into these dudes fairly quickly.. Guitar player on my side of the stage was working multiple pedals below him distorting noises much to my enjoyment. They do a lot of start-stop/ loud quiet loud stuff with their sound; by the third song in these dudes were rocking hard- riffin heavy guitars building up during verses leading to softer choruses with harmonically sang vocals at times. The drummer had on a Modest Mouse tee shirt. These guys look like they're gonna smack their instruments together as they are so close to each other on this small stage violently rocking back and forth with each strum. They kept thanking us and seemed very happy to be here. Well, we were happy to have them as The Globes went off at 7:40PM to substantial applause from the growing crowd. I noticed on their MySpace page that they're playing a show Friday(11/19) in Brooklyn at a place called 'The Rock Shop'. If you're in town you should check them out-won't be let down.

I'm a pessimist at heart-so it's surprising to me that this place is not as empty as I thought it would be, as I returned from my mid-band cigarette to find myself not able to get back to my spot against the stage. Wasn't mad about it because I needed to back up anyway- so now I'm standing about 4 or 5 rows of people back as the crowd pushes themselves closer to the stage as minutes pass. Joe Sumner is on stage discussing with a roadie the status of an acoustic guitar they seemed to be having trouble with. Finally Joe says over the mic to the sound guy “It's broken-so I guess fuck it”.

They kicked the set off with a song called “Two Sparks”- a tune easy to sing along to through your first listen as people begin to do- screaming the “We're gonna burn you!” line of the song. The room has filled out nicely by now, as I'm being bumped into on occasion. I thought I was in here to enjoy the handful of Fiction Plane songs I'm familiar with-not the case at all. As each song went by I kept thinking “Wow-this legitimately rocks”. Two things I quickly noticed while these dudes were playing: 1)This guitar player insane! And 2) Joe Sumner is having tons of fun up there. He's jumping around, leaning into the crowd, bullshitting in-between songs all smiles all night. Like when they jumped into the song “It's A Lie” a few songs later-he joked about having to “sing high on this next one”. Seton Daunt is the aforementioned guitar player-and man he's doing some amazing stuff over there. Dude had a pedal board of Mascis-type proportions. Sumner introduced the band more than once- “I'm a registered alien” Joe says before he pointed to the drums “Pete Wilhoit behind the drums..He's an American (to a loud cheer)... And on guitar Seton Daunt who is a foreigner!”(to a louder cheer).. Also when the opportunity presented itself Sumner hit us with some funky bass grooves. And even though sometimes unfairly tagged as Sting's son's band-there were times where one would look up and hear those dashes of Ska along with singer playing bass; it's hard not to say “Wow, these guys are like 'The Police' meets 90's alternative!”. At the same time Sumner's demeanor and stage presence makes you realize that people would probably think higher of Sting if he wasn't such a Prick. Yes, I said it. Obviously I've never had the privilege to meet the man or had a personal discussion of any sort with him. But he just comes off to me as a prick; complete opposite of his fun loving, energetic and entertaining(along with hard rockin') son. As songs play Sumner seemed to be enjoying us as a crowd(the building was literally ROCKING as I felt the floor below me basically bouncing with thumps for most of the night-felt like it was going to caved in). He said he was enjoying us more than we were enjoying the band-kept saying how great it was to finally be back in NYC and saying things like “from here you guys are doing amazing!”.. Easy to be a good crowd when a rocking band is As the night progressed I was impressed more and more. It's getting really hot in here, Sumner seems to agree as he takes his leather jacket off midway through the night. Their sound is far from complacent as we shifted from Ska/Reggae flavors to pretty heavy, almost headbanging type levels of rocking throughout the evening. There are two girls in front of me who are way into this-flailing arms in the air, dancing around and screaming with unbridled enthusiasm at the start of most songs. I mean, a hand or two may have gotten in the way of the video I was recording, but I'm not here to complain about fans enjoying a show. I'd be doing that if I wasn't “working”. The crowd was summoned for assistance in singing on a few songs- “Tommy” off their 3rd full length studio effort 'Sparks', which was released earlier this year. “Why don't I have more than one of their records?” is what I kept asking myself. “Sadr City Blues” was another one of the endless amazing songs they played-Unfortunately I was not able to obtain an official set list but a reader of this on named Wendy found it for me and I will paste it to the bottom of this post.

My cell phone shows me 8:45PM so I know we're closing this out soon... as we got towards the end of the night, Sumner looks at the set list and says “Okay whats next... well, the guitar is broken so I guess we can't play that one!” as they then jump into their most popular song to date “Two Sisters”.. I was singing along as quietly as possible because I was trying get video on that one. Extended it a little bit as the song went for roughly six minutes. Anyone who's been to a concert knows that feeling you get when you finally hear that favorite song you have by the band you came to see that night. A state of bliss that can only be match by sex or the taking of illegal substances. I was totally walking on air at that point as a journalist turned prissy little fan boy-they played one or two more before 9PM rolled around and it was time to say goodnight..

What a night! Fiction Plane took care of business tonight in every sense of the phrase. I'll be the first to admit in all honesty I did not think they would rock THAT hard. I underestimated them and in return got blown away. I'm at the iTunes store as we speak getting more of their music to put on my iPod. Why aren't these dudes more known? Their sound is so easy for your ears to get along with-down right funky at times. It can't be denied that this is a lot more that “The band Sting's son is in”, but don't take my word for it-take me up on this offer: See them live and if you exit the venue anything less than blown away then shoot over an email and the Jay Porks Experience will personally refund what you paid for you ticket. That's how confident we are in the musical abilities of Fiction Plane.. it's a sure thing.

For those who made it this far, our deepest thanks go out to you for taking a glimpse into the Jay Porks Experience. Next on the concert calender is 'Matisyahu' 11/29 at the Brooklyn Bowl.. should be fun-hope to see you there. LATE.

Official set list as handwritten by Joe Sumner:
It’s A Lie
Drink (not played due to acoustic guitar situation)
La La La

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gorillaz Escape from Plastic Beach comes to MSG with N.E.R.D. 10/8/10

          Purchasing these tickets on Tuesday night for a Friday night show, I didn't expect premium seating.. Didn't need it at all.. What goes on people, thanks for stopping by and hoping on board the 38th Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series which takes us back to the Mecca- Madsion Square Garden, for NY's taste of the Escape From Plastic  Beach Tour with Gorillaz! Show is set to kick off at 8PM with N.E.R.D. billed as the opener.. This should definitely be interesting. I love cartoons and I love music by Gorillaz- so combining the two elements should be exquisite..

A few differences from when I was here last week for Alice In Chains- the floor pit section has seats as oppose to standing room. Also, I wasn't routed to another section upon arrival- sat in the seat listed on my ticket: Section 401.

N.E.R.D hit the stage a minute or two after 8PM.. Looks like visual effects will be tonight's theme- for an opener N.E.R.D had some light show going.. Three mini screens on the stage... Two hot chicks table dancing on each side of the stage- nice. I see two drummers with a dude on multiple keyboards in between them.. Guitar and bass player too- going with the full band. I appreciate "Hip Hop" ( if we wanna call this that) when a live band accompanies it. Makes it seems more, I don't know for lack of a better term, more real. Because truth is, if you play ME a beat I could rhythm to it, alot of people can. But ten minutes in I'm enjoying this- not even that "good for the opener" enjoyment- I legitimately like this.. Pharell says "since we're in the greatest city in the world where people know music, we're playing some new N.E.R.D." they then got into a song called " I've seen the light".. As the set progressed I got more and more impressed.. Here's the thing about us New Yorkers- most neighborhoods are ethnic ones, so we all learn to appreciate hip hop on one form or another- and when they closed out the set with "Lapdance", I was officially into it.. Seriously.. N.E.R.D. Just took the biggest stage in the world and killed it.. Great job- I'm sold.. They ended their set at 8:35PM

At 8:40 Matt Pinfield came on stage to pump us up for Gorillaz.. These days, Matt host the morning drive time (6-10AM) show on101.9 WRXP in New York City. Besides mentioning that the show '120 Minutes' will be coming back on the air soon(That's not a joke).. . He then told us that, get this: LOU REED WILL BE PERFORMING TONIGHT! Holy freaking god this is going to be crazy! Mick Jones, Paul Simonon and Mos Def as well are in attendance and will all be making appearances..

A cartoon character appeared on screen as the lights dim at 9.. "When's this warm up band going to finish?", was what this angry green cartoon dude kept asking while looking with one eye straight at the screen straight at us.. Similar shorts like this made 2 more appearances throughout the night- then the screen cuts to a shot of Snoop Dogg- crowd goes crazy as they jump into " Welcome to the World of the Plastic Beach", with Snoop Dogg on screen rapping his parts of the song.. The big Gorillaz neon sign on stage is lit and changing colors with moods and sounds.. directing sitting under it in chairs is the orchestral part of the band(horns and stuff) who are not seen- most of the time only being shown in silhouette(which was trippy). Light show is exuberant, different cartoons flood the big screen with each song. This looks like a pretty expensive production (but not over the top in the vein of Pink Floyd/It worked like in the vein of the Flaming Lips). The crowd gets crazier and crazier every song that passes- even I don't know all these Gorillaz songs, but they're rocking and there's nobody in there having a bad time.. “Empire Ants” was pretty jaw dropping to experience live.. Also I had some nice looking ladies dancing in the row to the front of me.. " Tomorrow Comes Today" almost half way through was the point where I went from really enjoying this night to just starring in amazement, repeating my signature phrase: “Wow”, to myself.. One of those moment where I kept reminding myself I almost didn't attend this show...

As I looked around to notice the only empty seats in the house were the ones to the far sides and behind the stage which during concerts aren't sold when the stage is placed where it is. I'm pretty shocked that Gorillaz(intended as a side project mind you) would sell that many more tickets than Alice In Chains two weeks ago. Upon googling it I saw one site listed the show as “Sold Out”- got my Tickets Tuesday night so not sure if that was official or not.. and while I'm taking a look around, allow me introduce you to tonight's rhythm guitar and bass- Mick Jones and Paul Simonon; they were in some band called ' The Clash', maybe you've heard of them. Keeping the melody flowing steady all night.. Then a Gorillaz cartoon version of Lou Reed was shown on screen, with Reed taking a pair of chopsticks to tangled wiring-had the XL forehead going just like the real life version. Reed came out to chants of “LOOOOOOOOOOU” and they played “Somekind of Nature”. During the song I can see(kinda) Reed signaling to the stage hand pointing at his monitor and pointing to the sky. He did this almost the whole song, I'm going to assume that meets “turn this shit up”, but again I'm in section 401 Reed exited the stage after that, as my dreams of hearing Gorillaz doing “Sweet Jane” were shattered. “Super fast Jellyfish” had the group of attractive young ladies in front of me excited, along with the rest of my section. Damon Albarn is a freaking genius man. Him and of course cartoonist Jamie Hewlett have created a monster, blending the brit pop sound of Blur's front man with completely unfabricated Hip Hop vibes. At one point during the set Jamie wanted to mention about how they played overseas, and then introduced us to what he call the “Arab American “ section of the orchestra. I am so glad he brought that to NYC in the midst of these bigoted New Yorkers complaining about a Mosque “near” Ground Zero. Glad that everyone in the building can see that people who are of Arab decent can  be and are just like all of us-they can be in an awesome friggin' rock band that is in the midst of ( I must preface this with figuratively)  burning down the house at the Garden. Incredible on so many levels!

    Anyway, as the night And the guest list doesn't  end as after they went off at 10:30 and then ran back out for the encore; Mos Def took the stage for “Sweepstakes”, De La Soul came back out for “Feel Good Inc.” (they may have made an earlier appearances-but the only person I could tell who it was without introduction was Jamie from my distance).. other in attendance performing on songs were Bobby Womack, Bashy, Miho Hatori, Bootie Brown and Yukimi Nagano.. And of course you knew this moment was coming- everyone's favorite Gorillaz song “Clint Eastwood”, with some of the rap lyrics changed(to the dismay of one of my YouTube commenters), Jamie even jumped the gun on the chorus first time around... It was great, and I recorded every minute of it! . “Demon Days” closed the out this night of insanity. Went off at about 10:53PM

WOW. Gorillaz, Escape from Plastic Beach Tour. Are you serious? Did this band really just put on THAT show? Did they really just tear down Madison Square Garden, the Mecca?? There was not a dull moment during the set.. Of course my personal highlight of the evening-LOU REED came out and performed! Incredible.. Seriously one thing I gotta get off my chest to everyone right here-I cannot believe I was just in the same building as Lou Reed! That is the stuff of legend.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Vaselines LIVE at Webster Hall NYC 10.6.10

Sub Pop records- 20 some odd years later they still have some real deal quality on their roster... Okay people, what the hell goes on? We're here coming to you for the 37th episode of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert series  and it brings us to Webster Hall, to see Glasgow's finest: The Vaselines. After an extended break ( about 20 years) Eugene Kelly and Frances McKee are back in the saddle, on tour in support of their latest release, " Sex with an X" . I caught them once before, in May 2009 as they set fire to the Music Hall of Williamsburg- completely killing a 20+ song set of their entire catalog. Now, with like 12 new ones in hand, it'll be interesting to see what songs make the cut tonight. Also be interesting to venture out to Webster Hall again.. Did not enjoy my last few concert experiences there if I remember correctly I saw the Melvins here last year and Local H back in November of 2008. Made it in time for the 5:10 ferry into the city- ticket says doors at 8 and show is at 9.. Should be fun. So let's take a stroll on yet another Jay Porks Experience shall we?

I got on line before 7, roughly an hour before doors were said to open.. There two lines, one for the Vaselines and one for “The Studio at Webster Hall” located downstairs-where they host DJ sets and that kind of stuff. I know, I also just threw up in my mouth a little bit. It gets worse: downstairs in the 'Studio' tonight at 11:30 is the " Built to Spill After party" (following their Highline Ballroom set which will be going on I'll assume at an adjacent time to the Vaselines tonight). I wouldn't wanna go see Built to Spill's concert, lead alone attend an after party for it. Why can't the club and concert scene be two separate entities? I hear these club goers chatting on line, and they think the random sounds of noise they listen to is music- ITS A BUNCH OF RANDOM SOUNDS! I freaking hate techno/house/freestyle music freaks with a passion known like no other. To put it short-I do not want to be near “those people”.

As I'm standing on line waiting for 8 o clock, word came via text from my father, telling me that Doc Halladay just no hit the Reds in Game 1 of the division series... Now there's a team I definitely do not want to see in the World Series as a Yankee fan.

About 8:20, after the doors finally opened and I grabbed a beer, made my way towards the front and I found myself perched on a foundation thing putting me about 3 feet above where I'd be viewing if I was standing on the floor- this is such a win.. And if event staff tells me I can't stay here my bag is sitting on the stage, ensuring my back up spot.. And once this place fills up I don't see how event staff will be able to reach me to stop my videos. So suck on that SubPop records for not answering my email requests for a photo pass.

Jeffery Lewis came out around 9 and as oppose to last tine I saw him when he opened for Dinosaur Jr at the Brooklyn Bowl back in January..That night it was just him and a projector with a sheet hanging up and he plugged in an iPod as his back up band.. Tonight :Jeffery Lewis and the Junkyard! Lewis on Guitar with a Bass player, Drummer , a girl on Violin and a horn player.. It was alright I must say.. He made me not hate him anymore.. We had to sit through 2 video/ history lessons he likes to do with the projector. His into cartoon stuff I noticed, as he was selling his own comic books at the merch table for $2.50 a pop. . The first slideshow was about the fall of the USSR and the other had to do with the French revolution.. Other than the screen slide shows accompanied with music- everything else about the set pretty cool.I got a little head nod going through a few of these songs.. Safe to say a much needed improvement for his act.. Check out the vid I have up on my YouTube page.. At 9:23 they said they had time for 2 more.. Went off near 9:30 right after they ended the set with Jeffery Lewis's "Ganster Rap about killing Mosquitos” . I should've taed it, it's actually pretty funny..

Special shouts to the two people who held my spot as I went to smoke a cig. I gave them my business card- let's hope they check out the site.. Crystal Stilts is the band set to come on at 9:45...

Cystal Stilts were ten minutes behind schedule, not kicking off til about five minutes to ten.. That had a keyboardist up there with a bass, guitar drum set up and the lead singer sans instrument.. halfway through the set the piano player-who is like 10 feet from me because by now I have my feet up on stage and as the kids say these days, I'm chillaxing- he says anyone know the score in the Yankee game? Of course I did, so I screamed out “3-0 Twins Bottom 5th!”.. he looked at me and said “Really?” I was like “Yea I got wifi in here!”. Bowery Presents provided WiFi access for us the entire night, and to that I'm grateful. As they're playing I can see into a window upstairs were I see Eugene Kelly sitting watching the room.. Coolness.. And few songs in, Crystal Stilts ( Brooklyn's own), was winning the crowd over with their jingle jangle hard pop they played.. Sound like they take some cue from the Vaselines- who wouldn't? Most of their tunes seem to be clocking in at under 2 and a half minutes- as nothing seem to drag along far passed a second break in song.. They went off at 10:20...

And the wait begins.. 10:49 comes and still no Vaselines on stage.. I told one of the roadies I'd give him 5 bucks for the setlist he taped to the stage..he said after the show.

The Vaselines hit the stage a couple of minutes before 11 and they got the party started with " Oliver Twisted" and completely began to set fire to everyone's face; quickly. You could feel the power of all three guitars melding into singular melodic tones from strand one... They had a slight light show going, and. best news of all-I have maintained my spot perched above everyone else, and I've got the tape rolling on this whole show- no event staff in sight. Being right in front naturally compromised the vocals slightly (or maybe it's the sub par Webster Hall sound), but it wasn't to a point where you couldn't hear.. " Monsterpussy" was up next and I'm noticing the band maybe slowing things down a tiny tiny bit as compared to the normal pace of their songs, lyrics wise anyway.. Hardly noticeable to the naked ear, but when singing lyrics I was streets ahead of them. One of the new singles, " I hate the 80's" followed.. Frances was talking to the crowd a bit between each song as Eugene tuned up...hard to make out what their saying through the thick Scottish accents, but Frances said that her children asked " Mommy, why do they play the shitty one on the radio" referring to the chorus lines: "I hate the 80's cause the 80's were shit!".. That was followed by " The Day I was a Horse", which is a song about taking LSD and pretending to be a horse. You got to love this band- all their songs are about drugs or sex and they know how to keep a sparkling sense of humor to keep it all tasteful. Well, maybe not tasteful but everyone should cherish the cheerful smut the Vaselines throw at you while performing live. It's a scene man. Then came the title track of the new record " Sex With An X".. Next came a familiar strum, and before they were done tuning up, I got ready to record tonight's version of "Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam" which was met to a huge hand from the crowd. What a moment in time.

The continued on to rip through songs off the new record like "The Devil Inside me" and then Jeffery Lewis was invited up on stage to play bicycle horn on " Molly's Lips". Everyone loves Jeffery Lewis tonight as he got a huge hand.. Next came " Such a fool" and holding the set list in my hand, it seems they had 'Whitechapel' listed and then crossed out in pen with Such a fool penciled in. Interesting. I wonder what the reason for that change was. “Slushy” and “Let's get Ugly” followed- amping up the crowd for the next level of awesomeness, when they played “Son of a Gun”. We all really got into that one. “No Hope” and “Rory Rides Me Raw” came before my favorite song off their new record, and that song is “Ruined”. It's the first track on the album, and it completely smacks you in the face-it's consistently heavier than the rest of the record.. I like the lyrics too, lots of quotable lines-like lines you would use in a Facebook status update to describe your mood.. Another one off the new record followed “Mouth to Mouth”.. The new record “Sex With An X” is a must buy-go find it..

The Eugene says to Frances “Do you wanna tell them?” and Frances says “Well I don't want to tell them either” and then after a sign she leans into the mic and says “This is going to be our last song of the evening”. She said “We have tons of stuff to do!”..”Dying for it” was the song, and then they ducked off stage-but the mains didn't come back on so you knew they'd be out for a few more.. I saw the roadie dude I had asked for the set list before they went on. I was like “Dude! Your my man wit the list right? You got me right?!” He reached in his pocket and handed me a copy! And I didn't even have to pay him for it.. Sweet! Thanks dude, hope you find this blog... Anyway, they came back out and played two songs “You Think Your A Man” and “Dum-Dum”... Vaselines show over about 12:05AM...

Amazement, joyfulness , sheer delight-all of these phrases could describe my mood as I walk down the chilly NYC streets headed towards the X1 express bus.. I had a great time, saw the legendary Vaselines and I got to see 2 other pretty cool bands as well in 'Crystal Stilts' and 'Jeffery Lewis and the Junkyard' .. Hope everyone enjoyed this little stroll through the Jay Porks Experience, and I hope you'l; be back in a few days to catch the full scoop from Gorillaz 'Escape from Plastic Beach Tour' when it hits the Garden this coming Friday.. We'll be there in full effect, and I heard though the grapevine some special guests may be in order-but I don't want to jinx anything.. I catch you all there-LATE

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I felt the same way that I feel when I'm going to see any of my teams play at the Garden-there's half as many people as capacity and everyone's drunk and loud, only the product in front of us all tonight weren't a bunch of sad losers! What goes on people, welcome into the 36th installment of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert series (I'm dead serious about the “Never Ending” part of that if you didn't know by now) which has me feeling a bit sporty I must say. I mean come on, we're at the Mecca of sports-The world's most famous arena, Madison Square Garden to check out the legendary Alice In Chains with Deftones and Mastodon rounding out what is billed as the BLACKDIAMONDSKYE tour..Like I said, so happy to be coming here to see something good and not the New York Rangers sad excuse for a hockey team or the dreadful basketball team that plays there who's name is not worth the proverbial ink. But by the looks of the arena, you'd thought something crappy was going on. That place got half full at best. Upon arrived, the early comers were re-routed to different sections leaving a full empty row in between every row. When I made a pit stop during Deftones, event staff was just telling people, and I quote “There's tons of seats, it doesn't matter what your ticket says just find an open seat”.. So I paid $38 plus fees for this thing to not be near capacity? That doesn't make me proud of my NY peers at all. And why not just charge $25 for these seats I'm in now and you'll sell the place out.. We're at least twice the distance I was when I first saw Alice In Chains with DuVall in 2007 at an outdoor venue in NJ that I paid $20 for tickets. It just bewilders me that this thing isn't crammed full-and later when AIC came on and everyone was standing up it looked like the place was packed-trust me when I tell you it was far from that.

Anyway, on to the tunes shall we? Mastodon played from 7PM to about 740PM, they were actually on when we were walking in, so I missed the first tune. They were heavy, they were dredging, did I mention they were heavy? I wondered if the sound got this loud for the first opener how much was it going to elevate throughout this night.. and these guys are REAL metal-they have the duel vocalists going on-the regular singer AND the screaming singer dude.. That's how the real metal acts roll.. their light show (not much bright lighting) vs my camera was a losing battle for us, so I apologize for not putting a crappy picture of nothing up here, as all night I had problems with pics considering the distance..Of the few of us that were there, there was a group of dudes really getting into it-skin head dudes doing heavy metal air guitar-fun from a far, but certainly not a collection of swings I want to get in between.. That's the thing about metal-the fans. I'll be the first to admit that they were a little heavy for me, I mean I enjoyed it but wouldn't blast their records all day long-I'd go deaf... But the thing about metal is the fans. They come out strong every time, they spend money. You know they spend money because they know all the words to all the songs that came off the latest record.. They come to shows, far and wide, rock out they buy albums and shirts and are not afraid to show how into it they are- This is unlike some people, who just find ways to listen to music on the internet without buying/owning it.

Deftones went on shortly before 8PM...Deftones rocked it out... Enjoyed them a little more because, compared to Mastodon, they were at a much more manageable volume. They had the nu metal thing going on-some songs it seemed like they were like a way better version of like, Korn or something and then at times they went to a totally different place..Also, Chino (vocals, guitar sometimes) had this table set up in front of him, that he would climb up and down during portions of songs.. he would jumped up there to do one of his deep screams and then jump down off of it-and hey he does not shy away from the occasional “F” bomb, using occasional in a sarcastic sense of course.... and way more Deftones fans then expected, much like with Mastodon, we had air guitaring skin heads-not the mean skin head tho, I'm just calling them skin heads because they were bald and I don't know their names. I highly doubt any of the fun lovin' Deftones fans beat women or ride Harley's religiously-c'mon now what do you think this is Slayer or something? They worked it til ten minutes before 9, that's when a curtain went up in front of the stage, and the army of roadies began to set up for Alice In Chains..

Let me mention the huge middle finger I gave society by smoking cigarettes right in my seat while ducking event staffers, whom of which the Garden seemed to be light on tonight... pot was being smoked everywhere-it was great. So suck on that James Dolan!

The sheet that was in front of the stage was used as a prop for Alice In Chains' intro, there was some cool effects going on there, including a beating, blackened throbbing veined heart, like from the front of their record Black Gives Way To Blue.. Roars of the crowd (it's about 9:30 when the intro started ) as you can see the silhouettes coming out on stage. Then the drapes fell, and “Them Bones” was what they chose to kick things off with. Awesome from string one-what makes this band is the professionalism, the musicianship they bring to the table. I mean, I can rave all day about Jerry Cantrell's sick ridiculous guitar skills, as I did back in May (which can be viewed here: ). Tonight lets take a look at Sean Kinney, who is drumming in a different league than most others. He's off doing some other stuff over there with free flowing ease that was reminiscent of something out of the Ginger Baker handbook.. His drums were set up a foot or two up from the floor. A screen a few feet high ran effects from one side of the stage to the other, and under his drum kit in the middle... this was attached to a platform where Jerry, DuVall and Mike could climb up and play on during songs, which they did. I just wish one of them would have done the 'Slash' leap off that thing mid-riff. That would've been epic, but it didn't look so high anyway, so maybe it just would have been stupid I guess. And in further comparison to the show in May, DuVall seems to winning over more and more fans every time.. They love him-shit I love him. He rocks. Mid set when I stopped working for a few songs and was sitting back taking it all in, I remember just looking at that stage oh so far away, and thinking about oh how far gone this band was before they found this dude. And Mike keeping it in step over there on bass, with the hair swinging every which way yet always landing down and perfect-maybe I could get whatever shampoo he uses. Also remember, I have Mike and Sean's autographs on a bootleg ticket I bought to an AIC show at Irving Plaza last year, on Sept 9th. (Didn't have a show to “review” for that, but the night's events are here: ). Anyway so they felt bad, and signed my ticket that I paid $50 for and turned out to be phony. So not only am I enjoying these tunes but I know these dudes aren't dickheads in real life. Whats better then good people who play great music? And I mean great- I mean you should've heard “Grind”, you would've jumped into the time portal that leads to the fictional 90's neighborhood I spend my life living in too. You'd love ever second of it. There were times where you couldn't help but starting thinking of where you ranking Cantrell among guitar greats... he's amazing with it. Does anyone else stroll around stage like this guy? He doesn't walk back and forth he like power walks. I saw him pass by Mike Inez's microphone to hit the wawa peddle-I guess they got their effects boxes linked up or something. that was really cool..  I like how they had the screens set up playing stuff where, if you didn't know what song was playing you could still sort of figure it out by the images synced with the song. Everything about the set was perfect, besides them running off for the encore at 10:35, roughly an hour after they went on. It must be MSG's ceiling for concerts is 11PM, because BlackDiamondSkye isn't going cross country for tomorrow's show, they're going to New Jersey-no flight to catch. During the few minute break, I see some kid lean over to his friends asking them if they want to stay for the encore-what is that some sort of joke? You're going to leave early? The same way I would leave a football game before my team comes back and scores the winning touchdown. Amazing how some people behave-sickening.. They came back out and played a seven minute “Love, Hate, Love”, then “Man In the Box” and “Would?” to close it out, and were tossing hundreds of guitar picks into the crowd as they thanked everyone and headed off to call it an evening.

And what an evening, glad I could be part of it.. besides the place not filling out. Really disappointed me that this show wasn't long sold out. It was the biggest show in Alice In Chains history-and a lot of the alleged die New Yorkers missed it. But the billed bands delivered big time, and there's nothing more you could really ask from the musicians.

So this was fun right? Hope my Dad thought so, as these tickets were my birthday gift to him back in July, which he is now calling the best birthday present since his Gibson SG when he was a teen...and of course hope you had as good of a time as I did, as I'm one who can never get enough of the Alice In Chains.. I have the set list below, I don't think I missed any but I'm sure if I did It'll be pointed out to me in a rudely stated comment.. Anyway, as for now I'm off to upload some more video, which isn't so good picture wise but the sound is superb, so I felt it was worth adding to my archives. Thanks, for putting up with my non sense for a little while, and I'll see you all October 6th for The Vaselines at Webster Hall.. LATE...

Alice In Chains Setlist:

Them Bones
Dam That River
Rain when I Die
Check My Brain
Your Decision
No Excuses
Down in a hole
We Die Young
Acid Bubble
Lesson Learned
Love hate love
Man in the box

Saturday, September 18, 2010

"An Evening with Ween!" Central Park Summer Stage 9/17/10

Stop what you're doing right now and Google “Ween”. Then check and see when they're coming to your town, or contact them and beg them to come to your town, because if you don't see Ween live in concert, then you just don't know what living is about. What goes on... Lets get into the 35th edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series and the completion of our “Three Nights of Weirdness” tour, which brings us back to the Central Park Summerstage, only tonight to see the immortal Ween.. And it's not raining! It's actually pretty nice out- sun is shining and everything. I'm going to try and show up as early as I can, as I have no idea what kind of turnout we're looking at and I'd love to get a better spot than last night.. 'Doors' are at 7, and my ticket is at will call.. Will this be the same set up as last night where there is no opening acts and we get two hours of Ween? That would be awesome, but let's not get our hopes up..

Stepped out of the cab at 6:30, I'm here way earlier than last night and there are tons of Ween fans everywhere-it was so different then last night, like it was in an entirely different place..I know Ween has a following, but you would've thought Phish was playing or something the way everyone came out tonight. The crowd was one of the best I've ever experienced.

As I was on a line to get Pizza I turned and noticed the smoke machines starting to get going. Got my slice, pounded two beers and headed towards the stage to try and get a good spot. I stationed myself on the same side as last night, but substantially closer.. I almost was along the railing, I was this close to offering the girl who was there $20 bucks for her spot.. The smoke is everywhere, I look at my phone and it's 7:30, and the a huge roar from the crowd as Ween hits the stage, at seven freaking thirty! So another night of no openers as “An Evening with Ween” begins at 7:30

“Buckingham Green” was what they kicked it off with... The stage is electric from the first chorus break with the lights going crazy. Ween has a much more extravagant light show then Cake last night-not comparing the two bands but differentiating the two nights at the same venue.. . Times of continuous strobe lights bouncing off smoke during in-song jam sessions made you just look up to the stage and take it all in- there are no inhibitions at that time.

There's probably twice as many people as there were for last nights evening with Cake- That sort of surprised me as I waited on one of the longest lines I've ever seen to get in. So many people were pumped for this in the hour before they went on, and we are definitely getting more than our money's worth."She Wanted to Leave", “Bananas and Blow" followed, and I am amazed that I was able to get any sort of set list going here. I was scribbling down the lyrics to songs and just spent the last hour googling them to get the titles. Again, so worth it though, as Ween is relentless up there getting into "Learnin' to Love" and then the epic “Transdermal Celebration”... some others were(in this order) “Take me Away”, Don't Get 2 Close","Even if you Don't", “Push Th' Little Daises" which I was able to tape unlike the following “Sorry Charlie"or an amazing version of “Voodoo Lady” which I was so pissed I didn't get... That was the song in my head all freaking day! I didn't recognize it until it was too late, still great though and they were at that song for like what seemed like 15 minutes-in the middle they got into a jam of some sort, one involving the Deaner and his amazing riffs .. dude could really shred.. . Later “Happy Colored Marbles, “The Stallion Pt. 3","Your Party", The awesome Bowie cover “Let's Dance”.. these guys are so cool!.. my new favorite song came next-" You Fucked up" followed by "Hey There Fancy Pants"," The Goin Gets Tough From The Getgo”", “I'll be your Johnny on The Spot”, “The Mollusk", “Spinal Meningitis","Mister Will You Please Help My Pony," Roses are Free".. and then they ducked off stage at 9:48.. I'll now assume that Central Park Summer Stage has a 10pm end time for all shows.. .

Returned to the stage at 9:50, and Dean gets on the mic to say " we only got ten minutes to do our thing here".. With everyone in uncontrollable screams- they jumped into "Fiesta".. Then, another song I picked up on during my week and a half of doing Ween research- "Mr. Richard Smoker" as I smoked my last cig. Then it was nearing 10, and they played the only song they could play after 2 and a half hours of straight rocking- "Dr Rock".. a song that makes you just wanna scream, and we did! Well, I didn't because I was recording, but amazing... I am completely blown away-Blown! I knew Ween rocked, but I wasn't aware of the magnitude of their rockin'. That was one for the record

Fucking Ween- kicking ass every song of the entire set.. I was getting into songs that I didn't even know yet halfway through I'm singing along with everyone.. And the Deaner- can't say enough about the Deaner.
Now I can see how the Meat Puppets and Ween are apples from trees located on similar farms in far away towns. Completely tearing it apart on every song. They played non-stop for two and a half hours. What more could you ask for.. the professionalism that comes with putting on a show rides a thin line between being cool and being pretentious- Ween sums up what the “Being cool” side of that line is all about... Amazing, can't say enough about it. And to top it off, on the way out there were dudes selling balloons filled with Nitrous Oxide (Whip-Its) three for $20... I could not resist and it was awesome.. I sat myself on a rather large rock and while finishing off the balloon I notice there was a field of people who just enjoyed Ween, sitting on the grass, benches and floor doing Whip-its... What a night... On the way out I grabbed myself a Ween 2010 tour tee shirt.. awesome

It was without a doubt “Three nights of Wierdness”, and it was worth every penny I spent this week and the 3 hours of sleep I've gotten since Wednesday.... but now I have a full week to rest up and I'm going to need it because the next stop on the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series is the BLACKDIAMONDSKYE tour @ Madison Square Garden Featuring Alice in Chains, Deftones and Mastodon … I'm going with Pam. My Father will be along for the ride too, as these tickets are his birthday gift this year. Come on now am I the greatest son ever or what? Anyway, thanks if you made it this far... LATE.

Ween setlist
Buckingham Green
She Wanted To Leave
Bananas & Blow
Learnin' to Love
Transdermal Celebration
Up On The Hill
Take Me Away
Dont' Get 2 Close (2 My Fantasy)
Even If You Don't
Push The Little Daisies
Sorry Charlie
Voodoo Lady
Happy Colored Marbles
Stallion pt. 3, Ice Castles
Final Alarm, With My Own Bare Hands
Your Party, Let's Dance
Touch My Tooter, You Fucked Up
Stroker Ace
Wavin' My Dick In the Wind
Fancy Pants, Going Gets Tough
Waynes Pet Youngin'
Jonny On th' spot
The Mollusk
Spinal Meningitis (Got Me Down)
Roses Are Free
Mr. Richard Smoker
Dr. Rock