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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mudhoney LIVE at Bowery Ballroom 9/04/10

Just as that slightly overweight chick dove off stage right into an unsuccessful crowd surf that landed her on the floor-I realized that there's truly nothing pretty about Grunge.. except the sounds.

Welcome back, and come take a stroll along the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series in it's 32nd edition as this night takes us to the Bowery Ballroom to see none other than Mudhoney: The ONLY grunge band. Other bands use elements of grunge in their music, but there is no other band without an added sub-genre. Anyway, the doors open at 8PM and the only opener I heard about was 'Pissed Jeans' as per the 'Bowery Presents' website. I step out of the cab and on to the sidewalk, take a look across the street to check out how the line is doing.. there is none, BECAUSE IS NOT EVEN 6PM-mistimed my trip a bit, so found a some bar around the corner to duck into until it was remotely close to doors opening..

Headed back to Bowery Ballroom at about 7:15pm to stand in front and I hear through the walls there's a band doing soundcheck- Probably one of the openers.. Walked past a sign outside that said Mudhoney will be going on at 11PM.. Had to show up early to reserve my spot by the stage.. Myself and about six other people are here sitting at the bar.. Got acquainted with my friend Jack(and Coke) and started chatting with a girl visiting from Argentina. Nice girl, we shared a mutual interest in Iggy Pop, and being at shows by ourselves...

I think Mudhoney's playing a set in Upstate New York at the All Tomorrows Parties festival (A festival featuring the likes of The Stooges and Sonic Youth) in the afternoon- so are they even here yet is the question. Anyway, also came to find out there's a 2nd opener-name “White Hills”, and they're about to go on.

White Hills went on about 9:05.. They had two hot chicks in the band(the more prominent one on bass, sporting a red dress and the other on keys) they played some heavy tunes.. They're set up with a guitarist, drummer, and the two aforementioned ladies. Bassist also sang(screamed) on some songs and the effects keyboard seems to be incorporating heavy experimental noise into there sound.. They did not suck at all.. I'm actually getting into some of this stuff.. And the hot blonde was playing a clear transparent bass.. It was pretty cool.. .. I was nodding my head Half was through.. It was during this set I realized actually how bad I needed to get to a men's room, as my bladder had held all it is able to- so I hit the head.. As I came back I realize that this band gets into extended noise jams inside or in between songs.. Can't understand one lyric but I'm loving this.. So heavy yet not death metal.. Gotta love to meet you half way... They went off at about ten to 10.. And I met a friend to save my upstairs seat.. Oh did I mention? There's a 2nd floor with tables set up with two chairs at each overlooking the stage, and these seats are a first come, first serve basis: Consider me served.... This is working out well.. Dropped 6 bucks outside - someone returned it to me.. Nice guy- I gave him the Jay Porks Experience business card and told him to visit as well.. Still not sober enough where people can understand what I'm saying but I'm hoping by the time Mudhoney gets on I'll be good to go- but 'Pissed Jeans' hits the stage at 10 or so the flyer says..

Pissed Jeans hit the stage a little after 10.... I read that they were experimental/ noise rock.. Sounded like a harder version of Mudhoney.. Got some slam dancing going on downstairs and my ears are already shot first song in.. They're set up with the traditional bass, guitar and drummer with the lead singer strutting no instrument but his vocal chords.. Lead singer made a joke " you know what the problem with tight jeans is you can tell what cell phone everyone has".. Yea, I know I'm also waiting for the punchline-but attempts at humor get points in my book- but these guys rock really hard.. Like the type of hard that makes you wanna check and see if their music is available on iTunes.. Gotta love when you see the lead singer of an opener wearing a 21wristband.. The bar knows as much about this band as I do- but Pissed Jeans seemed to be drowning in the aesthetic of Punk rock- at 10:16 the lead singer removed his shirt Iggy Pop style.. Looks like the guitar player is playing a Fender Jaguar.. That's pretty cool.. These guys got harder and louder as the set progressed. And I started to noticed some of the photographers (hot chicks who own cameras), focusing on the insane slam dancing that was taking place.. I saw one girl get pissed and go after some of these dudes.. Must be her first show- if you get slammed into, you slam back- don't get all serious. We're at a rock show for Christ sake...Anyway Pissed Jeans rocked it til about 10:35.. Now we await- the only true grunge band to ever exist- MUDHONEY

As 11:04 hit- I was starting to realize that I'm about to see frickin Mudhoney- .. Is anyone as pumped as me?
Well, besides this dude sitting next to me who is equally pumped- I can't see anyone in the building more excited than I.

At about 11:15 or so Mudhoney hits the stage and jumps right into “The Money Will Roll Right In”, a 'Fang' song they've been covering for years.. Mark Arm started the set not playing guitar, opting to go for his Iggy Pop gyrations.. A few songs in he grabbed his guitar and added to the madness. I started recording and never looked back.. I had a great view of the stage without having to zoom in.. “Next Time” off their latest effort 'The Lucky Ones'.followed not far behind... and by the time we got passed “ Inside out over you” the energy began to feed off the band into the crowd.. During songs like “Suck You Dry” people would try to climb on stage to crowd surf.. there was a roadie pushing everyone back into the crowd-or if they made it on stage walking them off stage.. So the jumpers would have to be quick.. when they dove, they were rarely caught.. I saw some chick get up there (not the thinnest of women) and take a jump and disappear into the floor quickly-there was nothing pretty about it: The essence of grunge. She didn't care that she looked like an Asshole-she's rocking out. And we all salute her(and chuckle).

Mudhoney was too busy kicking ass to pay attention to this stuff, as they were showing  that they without a doubt still had it. I mean think about it, they played a set 2 hours away earlier on this same day and came to play this one and didn't sit there and mail it in. Steve Turner's tight riffs along with Dan Peters and bassist Guy Maddison keeping the solid rhythm section going-put aside the notion of possible fatigue or lack of interest.. I mean the stuff Turner would do on songs like “Sweet Young Thing” was awesome the time they got into “Let it slide” it was already an awesome set, and I hadn't even heard my favorite Mudhoney song yet.. “Blinding Sun” showed up in there eventually, along with the title track from 'The Lucky Ones'.... “Inside Job” and “Good Enough” both had me turn to the dude who I was sitting next too (took turns saving each others seats on beer and cigarette runs) in giddy excitement.. felt like a child.. more than this was wanted this was needed.. That fact especially was pointed out when right after they played 'Good Enough' they jumped in probably their biggest hit and my favorite song “Touch Me I'm Sick” which was the loudest that place got tonight. I can't believe the camera's microphone didn't pick up me screaming like a little school girl when I heard the riff..So Awesome.... they followed it with “This Gift” and then “F.D.K”-which was another crowd pleaser.. “Hard on for War” had people holding up peace signs seriously. Good song and everything but lets not get corny about it.. they played a few more before playing the energetic “Hate the Police” running off stage like 12:20ish.. Chants of “MUDHONEY-MUDHONEY-MUDHONEY” went on for a good ten minutes before they came back out and played few more ending the night with “Here comes Sickness”.. they thanked the us along with White Hills and Pissed Jeans and called it an evening..

Lights came on as my new buddy and I exchanged in a high five as we got up from the table and headed outside.. when I hit the street I looked at my phone and it was 12:43AM.. that's what I call a rock concert. Going on at 11 as oppose to ENDING before that time.. What a night.. I've got all these songs on video.. a few songs I need to decipher what is what-song titles and what not.. and some videos are two songs but it'll all be up on my YouTube channel.. Mudhoney fails to disappoint-and give them all the credit in the world. 2 sets in one day 2 hours away from each other.. So worth it, even if I did get home at 3 o clock in the morning.. Well, if you made it this far, then why don't you come back soon? How's September 15th sound? I will be checking out the 'Toadies' with a good friend of mine.. word on the street is that I may get to take some great pictures-it's at Gramercy, which is a tiny place.. Love it.. Thanks for listening to my non-sense for a little while..Late.

r 15th sound? I will be checking out the 'Toadies' with a good friend of mine.. word on the street is that I may get to take some great pictures-it's at Gramercy, which is a tiny place.. Love it.. Thanks for listening to my non-sense for a little while..Late.


Screen Siren said...
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Screen Siren said...

Thanks for calling me slightly overweight on your blog, I'm sure one day you'll be reviewing my band.

Jay Porks said...

First off let me say that I hope I am reviewing your band one day-seriously. Alot of people jumped from stage, so if you consider that said person to be you-that's your choice.

Screen Siren said...

i would have understood the c-love crack, weight is a different story entirely considering you yourself look like tad.

thankfully the words out of my mouth are bigger than my hips. i'll invite you when i'm ready, this is all in good fun of course.

Jay Porks said...

Tad.. Well played worthy adversary-wish I played like him then I'd really be in business. Of course I stand by what I said: I would love to one day be reviewing your band because that would put us both in situations we're enjoying.. And once again, there were a few different people jumping from stage

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