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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hole LIVE @ Terminal 5..04/28/10 (2nd of 2 nights!)

This is not a re-run; although it may read like one... What goes on.. I'm Jay Porks, this is the Jay Porks Experience and The twenty fifth edition of the Jay Porks Never Ending Concert Series tonight  takes us back to Terminal 5... 610 W 56th street in New York City for another night of Hole... Fresh of their visit to the metapausal women of the View this morning, and the release of the first Hole record in over a decade- let's see if they can pull it off again- can this place rock as hard as last night? For my face value ticket price of $35 dollars I would sure hope so...

Got here just as the doors opened a 8PM.. the Love Loves are not the
1st opener tonight, as that void has been filled by the show time
being 915 tonight as oppose to the 815 of last night... I had to come
early to explore the second and third floors of this used-to-be disco.

The left side of the second floor balcony is roped off and the event staff dude said it was VIP.. I saw "Little Fish" written on sheets of paper atop the tables.. Little Fish has VIPs? Who knew.. So I take a seat on one of these couches on the 2nd floor and relax because the TV screens in front of me will allow me to see when there is some action on stage, but for now they just show advertisements for, what else, other "Bowery Presents" sponsored events.. 8:28pm and the sides of the balconies in the back and right side of the second floor are already packed with eager fans.. And here I thought it was going to be an easy night for me, in a chair and all- doesn't appear that way.. Headed up to the 3rd floor..

Third floor is a little packed- I'd still be able to get some room along the side- but I gotta get out to the roof deck and have myself a veggie burger..okay you got me I'm not having a veggie burger, but the simple fact that they are available is just so cool.. The hipsters can stay fed..

Little Fish hit the stage at 9:02.. And I will not even attempt to get back downstairs as I park myself on a couch on front of one of the screens on the third floor.. Freak that- I stood up all night last night i deserve a seag.. It already looks more full than it did last night at the end of Hole's set.. The dude next to me is from Germany and speaks "very little English" and was not to happy when I told him that Hole played for less than an hour last night.. He said he flew into Newark 5 hours ago, picked up the Village voice and saw the show advertised and came here hoping to get a ticket.. And obviously he got one.. Thanks for the beer German dude- and hold on to that Nirvana ticket ( dude told me of a Nirvana show he bought tickets for in 1994.. A show scheduled after April in 94)

Little Fish second night in a row begin to grow on me.. They're a two man(person) ban in the studio and they bring an extra hand or two on tour.. I really wish they'd name one of thier songs so I can pass the title along to you... She might have mentioned a name or two but her accent isn't necessarily speaking the language as much as it chews it up and spits it out( that's a Stewie Griffin line) .. Oh wait there it is, they named a song! "Darling Dear".. Juju says it's about " getting someone into bed".. Whatever you say- the song is cool, sounds like we have an effects pedal in the house.. Little Fish seems to be better received than last night- they played a song called "Am I Crazy" which was pretty cool.. They went off at 933.. 

The video I took from Hole's set last night is currently giving me

problems when I upload it to YouTube.. After I convert the file and
upload it, like 20 second into the video the sound cuts out for that I apologize.... As soon
as I figure out why that is I will fix it, but since that's the case I
don't feel the need to get multiple songs taped- so I'm not sure what
exactly I'll have in terms of pictures..

Is that Hole soundchecking at 9:48? They fooled around a while and the
military style drum roll started, this must be their intro music
because they did the same thing last night- they walk on stage at
exactly 1015.. Opened it up with the "pretty on the inside"/"sympathy
for the devil" intro from last night- but the roar of the crowd is
crazy loud- sounds louder than last night.. "Skinny Little Bitch"
follows.. People on the third floor are standing on furniture right
near the balconies edge... Not the safest lookin thing I've seen...
"Miss World" follows, and I hope we're not headed for the same exact
set list as last night- actually I take that back- they played every
song I wanted to hear last night( with the exception of Jennifers
Body)..... "Violet" starts-i guess I'm not the only one who knows the
words- this place is trembling with 3500 different individuals singing
along.. This place is shaking- Courtney made us promise to still love
her if they "didn't play any old songs".. We agreeed and enjoyed....
Next up was the title track from the latest release- "Nobody's
Daughter".. This song is great- a grinder in my book.. The guitars
grind out throughout the song and seem layered several times although
they are not.. I don't think they played this last night-and if they
did it got past me.. After that song ended Courtney took of the white
button down she had on and had on a black dress thing going on
underneath.. it was hot- they jumped in "Letter To God" next.. This
song is epic- song has a loud- quiet - loud approach to it.. Getting
really quiet and really loud equally.. Larkin taking that guitar to
town with this riff... Next up Love states - " this is a song about
that Malibu place- it's not Malibu that's later, this is PCH" "Pacific
Coast highway" is what she was referring to.. Another brillant song
off the new record.. Where have they been for these years? This rocks!
Looking up at the screen.. On stage looks to be a well tuned
instrument of a band playing- they're hella tight right now.. Bombing
out this tune they shine the stage lights on the crowd- Which was
greeted by cheers of up "Gold Dust Woman" , a Fleetwood Mac
cover.. Awesome.. I love the way they do this's like
Fleetwood Mac but with that touch of grunge that all genres of music
need... Stevie Nicks would be proud (or would she).. Before the next
number Love says " this is the number one song I iTunes if I'm
correct" as they get into " Someone Elses Bed".. Great song...followed
it with the aforementioned "Malibu", that got everyone up- including
me- who had to get some sort of video to turn into pictures.. I got a
nice shot from the third floor of the stage and some of the standing
fans in the front.. " Celebrity Skin" followed.. So we're almost
following the same set from last night with some minor changes.. They
tried to go off by playing " Samantha"(the only song I recorded all night) and Love said " we'll be back
if you want us"... So we now await the encore a 1104pm.. This is the
same time the set ended last night- encore and all..

Out for the encore, Love changed into the same heavenly white dress
as last night .." Play with Fire" seems to be a song they are getting
into the habit of playing on tour.... Didn't know Courtney was such a
devoted Stones- head.. Maybe they're just easy to play.. They said
they cut it short last night because Micko's wrist is messed up- she
called him a pussy too.. "Doll Parts" next- everyone is having a hell
of a time right now- everyone is smiling- singing and being drunk
enjoying great music... Forgot how much I love this damn song....
Thought the night would end the same as last, with " Northern
Lights"... But I was surprised when " Never Go Hungry" started
playing.. Love repeated that " he is in alot of pain" referring to
Micko's wrist, which is hurt and we don't know why.. Never go hungry
people are walking out because they know it's the last song.. It a
song that sounds like it was written after a week of listening to
Blind Lemon Jefferson and Leadbelly records.. Great song, almost like
a slave song in a way- sounds like it was sang out in the fields...
They ended that song and their set at 11:23.. Bout 20 minutes later
than last night...

Another jammed packed show.. Gold Dust Woman is my personal
highlight.. After catching that cover on YouTube I never thought I'd
have the privilege of hearing it live... Total awesomeness.. Words
cannot describe( even tho I just spent the whole night describing it)
the insanity of seeing Hole live... It really does feel like the 90's
all over again- except I'm not in Junior High School...

Our 90's theme will continue on May 2nd, as Roseland Ballroom braces
itself for the Jay Pork Experience to roll through for the Sublime
(with Rome) show.. That should kick as much ass as these two nights
did- in it's own way.. As for me, well I wrote this review while at
the show, so right now I'm in a cab on the West Side Highway("With
your gun in my hands") headed to the ferry- this will be up soon as I
get home.. Thanks for putting up with my non-sense for a few minutes
of your day- catch everyone May 2nd.......LATE

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